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Survivability including CBRN and Susceptibility


Survivability is the capability of a system (i.e., system survivability) and its crew (i.e., personnel survivability) to avoid or withstand a hostile environment without losing the ability to accomplish its designated mission. See the JCIDS manual. A system with a balanced survivability approach maximizes operational crew and personnel safety while satisfying mission effectiveness and operational readiness requirements. 

Programs should consider all aspects of survivability including reducing a system’s likelihood of being engaged by hostile fire, through attributes such as speed, maneuverability, detectability and countermeasures as well as reducing the vulnerability of the system and its occupants if hit by hostile fire by placement of armor around crew and critical components and ensuring redundancy of those critical components. In addition to survivability considerations from traditional kinetic fires, the PM, Systems Engineer, and Lead Software Engineer may need to consider the system and crew’s ability to survive and operate in the additional environments described in the Systems Engineering Guidebook, Section 5.22.