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Defense acquisition is a complex process.  You must interact with multiple stakeholders, decision systems, and other vast resources.  Typically this is done to deliver a product with time, budget and schedule constraints.  Now you have a new challenge.  Shutdown your program, also with time, budget and schedule constraints, and they are usually a very hard stop. 

The Defense Acquisition University has established this Community of Practice (COP) to provide a forum for information exchange and peer-to-peer discussions to provide acquisition organizations enterprise best practices to accomplish smart, disciplined, efficient, and effective program terminations when required to do so.

In addition to the information on this website, we are also available to assist you and your team through consulting and mission assistance.   Visit the DAU's Consulting Services Portal or use the contacts listed on the home page of this site . 

A good place to start is the DAU publication "A Smart Shutdown Primer".  This Primer is offered to the Program Manager (PM) or program management personnel faced with the prospect of shutting down a program. The PM must execute the program shutdown with the same attentiveness to effectiveness and efficiency employed in the ongoing program. This Primer serves to guide the PM with a myriad of considerations.   The Primer is an enabler to help the PM synthesize information into a plan of action for executing a smart program shutdown.

 Select the graphic to open the Primer in a new window.

Primer Pic.png