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Topic Area
18th NDIA S&E Technology Conference Proceedings 2017 siteScience and Technology ManagerDoD; Air Force; Army; Navy; Unified Command; Joint Staff
What is AFRL Inspire? introductory videoScience and Technology Manager; EngineeringAir Force
GAO Report Web SiteScience and Technology ManagerDoD
Defense Innovation MarketplaceScience and Technology ManagerDoD
Defense TechLink
DoD TechMatch
DSS Counterintelligence SiteScience and Technology ManagerDoD
DTIC Online, formerly the DoD Research and Engineering Portal
GAO Report Web Site on STEM InvestmentScience and Technology Manager; EngineeringDoD
GAO-17-576TScience and Technology Manager
Journal of Defense Research and EngineeringEngineering; Science and Technology ManagerDoD
OUSD(R&E) and DoD Chief Technology Officer WebsiteEngineering; Science and Technology ManagerDoD
DoD Engineering websiteEngineering; Science and Technology ManagerDoD
PubMed CentralScience and Technology ManagerMulti Component
Reliance 21 WebsiteEngineering; Science and Technology ManagerDoD; Multi Component