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DAU Communities of Practice (CoP)

DAU hosts Communities of Practice (CoP)s on a variety of topics and functional areas. Below are some DAU CoPs that are may be of interest to the STM workforce: 

This site serves as an interdisciplinary knowledge repository for life cycle logistics, production, quality and manufacturing (PQM), systems engineering, acquisition law, and other defense acquisition workforce members and their defense industry counterparts.
Created to disseminate information to Defense Acquisition Workforce personnel engaged in the acquisition of innovative, cutting-edge commercial technologies.
facilitates the use of DM practices to effective, repeatable methods, establishes new goals and objectives for data managers to develop new skills, embrace the use of technology, increase our understanding of hardware/software, incorporate legacy data effectively, and forge new working, cooperative relationships with information technologists, contracting specialists, program managers, engineers, and analysts.
This community is focused on collaborating with the IT/software Acquisition workforce to ensure we engineer, design, develop and sustain world-class IT/software acquisition practices.
This Community focuses on helping DoD acquisition workforce members, other DoD and USG personnel, and defense industry learn about DoD’s international acquisition activities to enhance their performance and productivity in this important area.
This Community is focused on providing a single source for the current body-of-practice, which include pointers to the latest in policy, guidance, and research covering various aspects, from an overarching to agency/service specific viewpoint; •remind the MOSA concept users and implementers that there are many aspects to properly instantiating MOSA for the benefit of DoD;
This Community serves as the central repository for Program Management knowledge for the Acquisition, Technology, and Logistic (AT&L) Workforce.
We leverage the Requirements Managers Community’s corporate experience, expertise, and knowledge to provide what you need to get your job done.
The companion-linked DoD/DAU Risk Guidebook is the first source to which a novice or experienced practitioner will go to get answers and obtain a pulse on the state of Risk Management.
This Community serves as the central repository for small business policy and guidance information, small business programs, training materials, tools and related learning assets.
This community provides the defense acquisition community a forum for their “voice to be heard” in identifying goals, processes, shortfalls, issues, best practices, plans, and considerations in all aspects of program shut down activities.
This Community is brought to you by DISA's Defense Spectrum Organization's (DSO) Joint Spectrum Center (JSC). Compliance with Spectrum Supportability (SS) requirements and control of E3 can be critical performance parameters for platforms, systems, and electronic equipment acquired by the DoD.
This Community offers a variety of ways for the SE to network with other SE practitioners, to access current community contributions and discussions on SE tips and best practices, and to share expert knowledge related to SE.
The purpose of this site is simple - to provide T&E practitioners with up to date T&E policy and guidance information as issued by the Department of Defense and Components.
This community discusses R&M Engineering, one of DD Engineering's Specialty Engineering areas, that applies to defense systems from cradle to grave.
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