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06/2/2020 9:43 PM

​I'm posting this announcement from DTIC as we all cope with working remotely and virtually collaborating with colleagues and stakeholders.

The coronavirus pandemic has made normal life and work routines anything but normal. As we continue to adjust to new ways of working, a secure knowledge management tool is even more important to help us stay connected and work more effectively. DTIC enables those capabilities for you through its *DoDTechipedia [ ]* tool.


** Use *DoDTechipedia* today at bookmarkhttps://www.dodtechipedia.milto secure, manage, and sync your remote teams knowledge assets and workload, now and after their transition back to the office.


** Need a collaboration tool with restricted access forDoD only (active military and civilian personnel) or DoD and contractors? Start using *DefenseCommunities*at bookmark to enable working group members to exchange ideas and information and collaborate in real-time.


Learn more about *DoDTechipedia* [ ] at bookmark While youre there, check out DTICs other tools to help you improve productivity and manage this time of uncertainty at bookmark


Thank you for reading and from all of us at DTIC, we wish you and your colleagues safety and good health.




Defense Technical Information Center (DTIC) is the central scientific, research, and engineering information support activity for the Department of Defense (DoD). DTIC facilitates execution of responsibilities of the Under Secretary of Research and Engineering in accordance with DoDD 5134.3 and in executing the programs and functions of the DoD Scientific and Technical Information Program (STIP), as specified in DoDI 3200.12 and DoD Manual (DoDM) 3200.14. Read DTIC's missionhere [ ].


R&E Gateway [ ]is DTIC's flagship knowledge management hub and is the DoD's one-stop resource for unclassified (public), controlled unclassified (NIPRNet) and classified (SIPRNet) science and technology information. For more information about the R&E Gateway and access to DTIC's collections, visit:

6/2/2020 9:43 PMNo
05/13/2020 2:33 PM

​On 7 May 2020, USD(P&R) issued Change 1 to DoDI 6440.02, "Clinical Laboratory Improvement Program (CLIP)" that does the following:

"The change to this issuance updates references and removes expiration language in accordance with current Chief Management Officer of the Department of Defense direction."

The updated instruction is available at:

5/13/2020 2:33 PMNo
05/6/2020 1:33 PM

Marty Falk put me onto the article "Bring Back the Rapid Innovation Fund" by Chip Laingen, Executive Director of Defense Alliance (see link below). Yesterday's DAU Situational Awareness Newsletter included the article, sourced from NDIA's National Defense site. I didn't realize the Rapid Innovation Fund is no longer funded by Congress.


The Rapid Innovation Fund (RIF), started by Congress in FY2011 and funded by congressional adds through FY19, was not funded by the DoD or Congress in the FY20 budget and not funded by DoD in its FY21 PB (PE 0604775D8Z, Defense Rapid Innovation Program). The program, primarily focused on helping develop a small business efforts, is administered by OUSD(R&E)/DDR&E for Advanced Capabilities (AC). In early 2020 the office began awarding contracts using the FY19 funds.


More info about administration of the effort is located on Defense Innovation Marketplace at:


National Defense article:

If anyone has experience with the Rapid Innovation Fund, please contribute to the discussion here in this forum.

5/6/2020 1:33 PMNo
05/1/2020 10:14 AM

The Congressional Research Service (CRS) released some summaries of varies topics for congressional members yesterday. One of these is a two-page primer on RDT&E funding as of the FY20 budget with some look ahead to FY21 (page three of the file is just their standard disclaimer statement).


It notes the creation of a 6.8 Budget Authority (BA) for FY21 but says it is yet undefined as of publication time. I have seen in other sources that BA 6.8 will be to fund efforts in the Software Acquisition Pathway.


Figure 2 in the file shows a pie chart of FY20 RDT&E funding for the Services and Defense-wide, including Overseas Contingency Operations (OCO), which was also eye-opening in that the Air Force totals more than Army and Navy combined, and almost doubles Defense-wide. It notes that Space Force funding is not included in FY20 totals.


On page two there is an interesting nugget about basic research funding at universities that somewhat surprised me:

"Within the S&T program, basic research (6.1) receives special attention, particularly by the nation's universities. DOD spends nearly half of its basic research budget at universities. DOD is a substantial source of funds for university R&D in certain fields, such as aerospace, aeronautical, and astronautical engineering (40%); electrical, electronic, and communications engineering (40%); industrial and manufacturing engineering (29%); mechanical engineering (28%); and metallurgical and materials engineering (24%); and computer and information sciences (30%)."

5/1/2020 10:14 AMNo
04/22/2020 10:57 AM

​As part of the continued revamp of the Defense Acquisition System policy structure, the new DoDI 5000.82 "Acquisition of Information Technology (IT)" was issued on 21 Apr 20. It incorporates and cancels Enclosure 11 "Requirements Applicable to All Programs Containing Information Technology (IT)" in DoDI 5000.02T. The new 21-page instruction can be found at:


Consequently, DoDI 5000.02T Change 7 was also issued on 21 Apr 20 to reflect the cancellation of its Enclosure 11. Change 7 can be found at:

4/22/2020 10:57 AMNo

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