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DoD Policy and Guidance

Science and Technology DOD Policy and Guidance

DoDI 6440.02 Clinical Laboratory Improvement Program (CLIP) 20140529 incorp Ch1 20200507.pdf
Reference5/13/2020 2:39 PM
DoDI 4205.01 DoD Small Business Program (SBP).aspx
Reference2/19/2020 12:15 AM
DoDD 4200.15 Manufacturing Technology (MANTECH) Program.aspx
Reference2/19/2020 12:15 AM
DoDI 3204.01 DoD Policy for Oversight of Independent Research and Development (IRD).aspx
Reference2/19/2020 12:15 AM
DoDI 3200.12 DoD Scientific and Technical Information (STIP) Program.aspx
Reference2/19/2020 12:14 AM
DoDI 2040.02 International Transfers of Technology, Articles, and Services.aspx
Reference2/19/2020 12:14 AM
DoDI 2015.04 Defense RDTE Information Exchange Program (IEP).aspx
Reference2/19/2020 12:14 AM
DoDI 5230.09 Clearance of DoD Information for Public Release.aspx
Reference2/19/2020 12:13 AM
DoDI 8582.01 Security of Non-DoD Information Systems Processing Unclassified Nonpublic DoD Information.aspx
Reference2/19/2020 12:13 AM
DoDI 5230.29 Security and Policy Review of DoD Information for Public Release.aspx
Reference2/19/2020 12:13 AM
DoDI 5200.39 Critical Program Information (CPI) ID and Protection within RDTE.aspx
Reference2/19/2020 12:12 AM
DoDI 3201.04 In-House Laboratory Independent Research (ILIR) Program.aspx
Reference2/19/2020 12:12 AM
DoDI 3201.01 Management of DoD Research and Development Laboratories.aspx
Reference2/19/2020 12:12 AM
DoDI 3200.20 Scientific and Engineering Integrity.aspx
Reference2/19/2020 12:11 AM
DoDI 3210.07 Research Integrity and Misconduct.aspx
Reference2/19/2020 12:11 AM
DoDI 3210.01 Administration and Support of Basic Research by DoD.aspx
Reference2/19/2020 12:11 AM
Acquisition Program Technical Certifications Summary.aspx
Reference2/18/2020 9:35 PM
DoDI 5134.16 Dep Asst SecDef Systems Engineering (DASD(SE)).aspx
Reference2/18/2020 8:23 PM
DoDI 5134.17 Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Developmental Test and Evaluation (DASD(DTE)).aspx
Reference2/18/2020 5:05 PM
DoDD 5134.3 Director Defense Research and Engineering (DDRE).aspx
Reference2/18/2020 4:59 PM
DoDD 5134.10 Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA).aspx
Reference2/18/2020 4:50 PM
DoDD 5134.09 Missile Defense Agency (MDA).aspx
Reference2/18/2020 4:41 PM
DoDD 5134.13 DUSD for Acquisition and Technology (DUSD AT).aspx
Reference2/18/2020 3:28 PM
DoDD 5105.73 Defense Technical Information Center (DTIC).aspx
Reference2/18/2020 3:20 PM
DoDD 5105.23 National Reconnaissance Office (NRO).aspx
Reference2/18/2020 3:17 PM
DoDD 5105.60 National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA).aspx
Reference2/18/2020 3:12 PM
DoDD 3210.06 Defense Grant and Agreement Regulatory System DGARS.aspx
Reference2/18/2020 3:09 PM
DoDD 5230.11 Disclosure Classified Info Foreign Govt International Org.aspx
Reference2/18/2020 2:46 PM
DoDD 5230.20 Visits and Assignments of Foreign Nationals.aspx
Reference2/18/2020 2:42 PM
DoDD 5230.25 Withholding of Unclassified Technical Data from Public Disclosure.aspx
Reference2/18/2020 1:51 PM
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