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Service-Specific Policy and Guidance

Service specific policy and guidance for the Army, Navy, Marines, or Air Force are posted within the folder for each Service.

Army Regulation 70-57 Military-Civilian Technology Transfer.aspx
Reference12/6/2017 11:53 AM
SECNAVINST 5000.42.pdf
Reference4/4/2017 9:25 PM
RDECOM PL 5 16 8 SE Policy.pdf
Reference9/27/2016 1:28 AM
AFSPC S T Long Term Challenges 20160805.pdf
Reference8/24/2016 8:44 PM
Navy TTA ENCL 5 TTA Template Level A 20150302.docx
Reference12/22/2015 5:12 PM
Navy TTA ENCL 6 TTA Template Level B 20150302.doc
Reference12/22/2015 5:12 PM
NAVAIR TRA Process Intro Brief to DAU 3 April 2007.ppt
Presentation12/22/2015 4:41 PM
2009 10 21 NAVAIRI 3910.1 TRA Process.pdf
Presentation12/22/2015 4:41 PM
Air Force Space Command Long-Term S and T Challenges Memo 17 Feb 2015.aspx
Reference4/29/2015 11:50 AM
RDECOM Policy 44 Systems Engineering and Project Management 20120621.pdf
Reference1/21/2015 5:59 PM
AF ST Strategy SIGNED 29 Aug 14.pdf
Reference10/17/2014 1:03 AM
afi 61 101 Management of Science and Technology 20130314.pdf
Reference10/17/2014 12:56 AM
Air Force S and T Publications - Series 61 R and D.aspx
Reference1/27/2014 2:52 PM
AFMCI 61-103 27 Jun 2013.aspx
Reference1/24/2014 1:42 PM
afrli61 104 20131016.pdf
Reference1/24/2014 1:34 PM
AFRLI 61-108 S and T Management Program 19 Nov 2013.aspx
Reference1/24/2014 1:33 PM
AFMCI 61-101 SBIR and STTR Program.aspx
Reference1/24/2014 1:31 PM
AFRLI 61-205 AFRL S and T Investment Hierarchy and Data Requirements.aspx
Reference1/24/2014 1:30 PM
AFMC 61 102.pdf
Reference1/24/2014 1:29 PM
07142011 Freeman Tech Directors Final.pdf
Presentation4/12/2012 11:48 AM
TDTS Guidebook v2 jul 10.docx
Reference11/12/2010 1:50 PM
Army Publishing Directorate.aspx
Reference7/22/2010 7:25 PM
Air Force Thesis on Technology Transition.pdf
Presentation1/23/2009 6:42 PM
Air Force e-Publishing.aspx
Reference2/4/2008 9:02 PM
Air Force Policy Directive 61-1 Management of Science and Technology.aspx
Reference1/23/2008 1:00 AM
Draft Outbrief v 11.ppt
Presentation1/8/2008 3:15 PM