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Appendix B of the DAU online catalog is the official source for DAWIA certification standards.

STM 101, Introduction to Science and Technology Management. This 4-hour online training course is required for Level I certification. It was deployed in January 2016, replacing CLE 045. Mr. Darren Rhyne of DAU Capital and Northeast Region is the course manager.

STM 204, Intermediate Science and Technology Management. This 3-day classroom course is required for Level II certification. It replaced STM 203 as of 1 Oct 2018. Mr. Jerry Vandewiele of DAU Midwest Region is the course manager.

STM 304, Leadership in Science and Technology Management. This 3.5-day classroom course is required for Level III certification, where it replaced STM 303 as of 1 Oct 2015. Mr. Jeff Craver of DAU South Region is the course manager.

DAU Training Required for STM Certification:

Level I: ACQ 101, ENG 101, STM 101, and CLE 068 (Intellectual Proptery and Data Rights).

Level II: ACQ 202, STM 204, CLE 021 (Technology Readiness Assessments, TRA), and STM 0010 (Prototyping and Experimentation; new requirement for FY18).

Level III: STM 304, CLE 069 (Technology Transfer), and CLM 014 (Team Management and Leadership).

There are also many courses listed under each certification level that STM career field members can take for additional professional development. These courses, called Core Plus, are approved by the STM FIPT for STM professional development and continuing education for the 80 continous learning points needed every two years to remain current in the acquisition workforce.

DAU STM-related Mission Assistance Workshops:

WSE 016, JCTD Transition Management Workshop, 2.5 classroom days.

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