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Advanced Science and Technology Management, LAB 202

The Air Force Institute of Technology (AFIT) Advanced Science and Technology (S&T) Program Management (Lab202) course will help the student apply program management concepts within their S&T program. The course presents information on each of the aspects of program life cycle as they relate to Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) program management. This course is intended primarily for AF acquisition workforce personnel in the Science & Technology Management Career Field. This course is equivalent to the DAU Intermediate Science & Technology Management Course (STM202) and graduates receive equivalent credit for DAWIA Level II certification in the STM career field. This information provides specific guidance on the AFRL objectives and benefits of each stage of the program management process. AFRL S&T program managers are the target audience for the Advanced S&T Program Management course. OBJECTIVES: The purpose of the course is to provide students with the skills necessary to manage S&T programs while taking S&T systems engineering activities under consideration. This course provides an understanding of S&T program management and how S&T systems engineering interact with program management. Target Audience:Air Force ASPC 63A, 62E, 61S/DR II - DR IV O-1-4/DR I - DR IV Scientists, engineers and program managers in the Air Force Research Laboratory and their supervisors. Prerequisites: AFIT LAB102-Mandatory This course has been certified equivalent to the DAU Intermediate Science & Technology Management Course, STM 202. Graduates of this course receive credit for completing the DoD Acquisition Workforce Science & Technology Management career field level II training requirement.

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Advanced Science and Technology Management, LAB 202
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