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CRS Report Emerging Military Technologies 10 Nov 21

37-page report from Congressional Research Service (CRS) titled "Emerging Military Technologies: Background and Issues for Congress" updated 10 Nov 21. "This report provides an overview of selected emerging military technologies in the United States, China, and Russia:  artificial intelligence,  lethal autonomous weapons,  hypersonic weapons,  directed energy weapons,  biotechnology, and  quantum technology. "It also discusses relevant initiatives within international institutions to monitor or regulate these technologies, considers the potential implications of emerging military technologies for warfighting, and outlines associated issues for Congress. These issues include the level and stability of funding for emerging technologies, the management structure for emerging technologies, the challenges associated with recruiting and retaining technology workers, the acquisitions process for rapidly evolving and dual-use technologies, the protection of emerging technologies from theft and expropriation, and the governance and regulation of emerging technologies. Such issues could hold implications for congressional authorization, appropriation, oversight, and treaty-making."

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CRS Report Emerging Military Technologies 10 Nov 21
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