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DoDD 5105.23 National Reconnaissance Office NRO

DoDD 5105.23, National Reconnaissance Office (NRO), 28 Jun 2011, incorporating Change 1 dated 29 Oct 15. SUMMARY OF CHANGE 1: The changes to this issuance delegate additional authorities to the Director of the NRO in accordance with the March 06, 2015 Secretary of Defense Memorandum (Reference (g)). The administrative changes also update titles and references for accuracy. For current info, please visit the NRO web site: http://www.nro.mil/ The NRO is responsible for research and development (R&D), acquisition, launch, deployment, and operation of overhead reconnaissance systems, and related data-processing facilities to collect intelligence and information to support national and DoD missions and other United States Government (USG) needs, pursuant to the SECDEF and DNI MoA Concerning the NRO, 21 Sep 2010.

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DoDD 5105.23 National Reconnaissance Office NRO
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