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DoDI 3200.12, DoD S and T Information Program

Department of Defense Instruction (DoDI) 3200.12, Science and Technology Information Program, 22 Aug 2013, incorporating Change 3 dated 17 Dec 18. Summary of Change 3: The changes to this issuance amend policy directing public access to publically releasable peer-reviewed scholarly publications, require projects to include DMPs, and update procedures to gain access to federally funded scientific research results. Additionally, Directive-type Memorandum 17-002 is incorporated and canceled. Terminology, organizational titles, and references were also updated for accuracy. "This instruction reissues DoD Directive (DoDD) 3200.12 (Reference (a), 11 Feb 1998) as a DoD instruction (DoDI) in accordance with the authority in DoDD 5134.01 (Reference (b)) to establish policy, assign responsibilities, and prescribe procedures to carry out the DoD STIP consistent with the national science and technology policy and priorities described in section 6602 of Title 42, United States Code (U.S.C.) (Reference (c))." Provides policy, roles, and responsibilities for how DoD S&T information is identified, disseminated, preserved, and made accessible to policy makers, the scientific community, and the public within the boundaries of laws, regulations, Executive orders, other requirements, and program needs and resources.

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DoDI 3200.12, DoD S and T Information Program
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