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Tool Description

The files contained in this post comprise the Excel-based Technology Readiness Level (TRL) Calculator Version 2.2 developed by the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) as of 17 May 2004. Included here are the actual Excel file containing the TRL Calculator, another Excel file containing supporting documentation, and a paper written in 2008 by the last POC for the tool, Mr. William Nolte of AFRL. Note that the files associated with the tool were written over ten years ago so are not current in terminology or guidance per the current DoD policies.

Assists in calculating the TRL for a technology based on user responses to questions posed in the tool.


Advanced Degree of Difficulty (AD2) Calculator

AD2 may be useful to DoD programs, especially space programs.

**Note this file contains Macros, so it will not open in Office Web App (OWA). 

Please download the zipped file to your desktop and extract them to view. Instructions are included in this file.



NASA's updated TRL calculator

The revised TRL calculator improves and enhances the NASA TRL calculator in widespread use.

** Note this file is compressed into a Zip file as it contains Macros. Please download the Zipped/compressed file and Extract it to your desktop to use. Thank you.

Job Aid

Mr. Don Riley is one of three DAU-South Region professors who provides program shutdown/termination consultation. Some may have known of this effort as a "Smart Shutdown Workshop" but there is no formal workshop involved with this effort. In 2014 the Smart Shutdown cadre developed an 89-page Smart Shutdown Guidebook and a site in the Special Interest Area on the DAU Acquisition Community Connection (ACC; The site/guidebook provides program offices one-stop shopping for information in this critical area since no formal training or procedures exist elsewhere (the FAR Part 49 only discusses how to terminate the CONTRACTS, not the actual PROGRAM). Mr. Kendall wrote a memo endorsing the guidebook in October 2014, and the Honorable Claude M. Bolton, former Army Acquisition Executive and DAU Executive In-Residence, wrote the Forward to the guidebook.

While the impetus behind this guidebook was primarily premature program termination for various reasons (i.e. large program terminations for Affordability over the last decade), it was written to be a resource for any program that reaches its termination decision for natural reasons, too, including transferring the program's assets/contracts to Security Assistance customers. Therefore, I believe the guidebook and its associated Smart Shutdown Performance Support (SSPS) Tool (on the ACC web site above) would be of value to any program or even S&T projects (they all end sometime!).

I believe the time to begin thinking about this is (DAU Answer--Up Front & Often, and Form an IPT, a two-fer) while a program has the personnel and resources available to review the material and begin planning for its eventual termination or transition to its next phase of the acquisition life cycle (U.S. demil/disposal and/or FMS). This includes S&T efforts that transition--to a Program of Record, the industrial/technology base, or to the "shelf" to be reviewed and possibly brought back for use at a later date. That knowledge and all the associated data, reports, hardware/software, physical assets, etc. need to be considered for archiving for future use. The guidebook contains an example of a termination plan and questions to answer to help formulate a program's shutdown/transition strategy and plan.

The guidebook and Mr. Kendall's memo are located in the Smart Shutdown CoP The main SSPS Tool site contains an e-mail address ( through which to contact the Smart Shutdown cadre at DAU-South (Huntsville, AL) if anyone has further questions or wants further assistance/consultation, which they are happy to provide on an individual program basis.

Guides users through Shutdown Planning and Execution; provides a toolkit for conducting smart shutdown; a sample termination plan; sample shutdown schedule; and senior leader interviews.

OtherSmart Shutdown Performance Support
NASA's Technology Assessment Calculator

NASA has used this Technology Assessment calculator to enhance technology transition.  It may be of use to DoD program managers, especially space programs.

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