Test Resource Management Center (TRMC)

The Test Resource Management Center is responsible for maintaining the MRTFB.

You can find more information on Test Resource Management Center responsibilities on the DT&E / TRMC website - http://www.acq.osd.mil/dte-trmc/index.html; This includes:

  • T&E Range Oversight
  • T&E Science and Technology Development Program 
  • Test Capabilities Development: Central Test & Evaluation Investment Program (CTEIP)
  • Interoperability: Joint Mission Environment Test Capability (JMETC)
  • The National Cyber Range (NCR)


Air Force​Army​Navy​Other
​Western Range (30th Space Wing)Aberdeen Test CenterNaval Undersea Warfare Center (NUWC) - NewportJITC

Eastern Range (45th Space Wing)

​​Electronic Proving GroundNaval Undersea Warfare Center (NUWC) - Keyport
​96th Test WingReagan Test Site, Kwajalein Atoll​Naval Air Warfare Center-Aircraft Division, Patuxent River
412th Test WingWest Desert Test CenterNaval Air Warfare Center-Weapons Division, China Lake and Point Mugu
​Arnold Engineering Development Center​White Sands Test CenterPacific Missile Range Facility
Nevada Test and Training RangeYuma Proving Ground (Yuma Test Center, Tropics Regions Test Center, Cold Regions Test Center)
Utah Test and Training Range


T&E Executive Board of Directors

The T&E Executive Board of Directors (BOD) mission is to:

  1. Provide corporate recommendations on T&E infrastructure management, standards, policy, configuration and investments or divestments that affect more than one Military Service or Defense Agency.
  2. Manage the T&E Reliance Process, established in 1994, to ensure cost effective investments are made at test facilities and ranges best suited to support required customer testing requirements without regard to Military Service or Defense Agency ownership.
  3. Provide a T&E Executive level forum for the discussion of any issues that affect the T&E capability of more than one Military Service or Defense Agency.

Scientific Test & Analysis Techniques (STAT)

STAT Center of Excellence (Air Force Institute of Technology) - The Center of Excellence works with acquisition program managers and the program's Chief Developmental Tester to improve test effectiveness and ensure efficient use of scarce resources. Utilizing a combination of rigorous scientific methods and lessons learned, the COE determines where test designs can be improved and efficiencies gained, and then applies this knowledge to the program's T& E strategy development.