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DAU communities of practice (CoP) empower the acquisition workforce (AWF) by turning students into practitioners and practitioners into experts by connecting people and knowledge. Communities advance this connection by providing fast, frictionless access to information, resources, strategies, innovation, and support.

We invite you to join any of our communities by signing in, exploring a community, and then clicking the Join button. It’s that simple! Join us and let’s get the conversation started!

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Communities of Practice



Contracting Officer's Representative (COR)

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This website is for all members of the COR community, to include CORs, program managers, contracting officers, contract specialists, COR supervisors, and Quality Assurance personnel such as COR Coordinators and Quality Assurance Program Coordinators. 

If you were a member of the previous COR Community prior to September 2023, please rejoin the COR CoP (membership did not carry over to the new website). If you are a COR who belongs to a federal civilian agency (such as FAA, VA, DHS, USPHS, etc.), FAI has the information relevant for federal COR requirements at https://www.fai.gov/certification/fac-cor.


Corrosion Prevention & Control (CPC)

The purpose of this Corrosion community is to encourage collaboration between research engineers, scientists, maintainers, and managers on the logistics needs of the DoD with an emphasis on stakeholder communication. Acquisition and sustainment processes require maximum communications and cooperation to have an effect on reducing total life cycle costs due to corrosion. This community not only brings the corrosion community together, but also the weapon systems and facilities communities toward reducing costs and increasing availability. These objectives can be achieved through the engagement of our community members who represent the government, including the DoD, FHWA, NASA, GSA, and our partners from Industry, Academia, and Allied Nations. 


Data Analytics and Management

This Community serves as a resource for those managing and analyzing data.   The community facilitates the use of data management and analysis practices by promoting resources, sharing best practices and advancing the state of the discipline while forging a professional network of data professionals. 


Defense Standardization Knowledge Sharing Portal

The Defense Standardization Knowledge Sharing Portal (DSKSP) was developed by the Defense Standardization Program Office (DSPO) to engage with standardization stakeholders and to share experiences, tools, lessons learned, and ways of addressing standardization management matters within DoD. Additionally, this community of practice was created to provide information about the Defense Standardization Program (DSP). The DSP exists to identify, influence, develop, manage, and provide access to standardization processes, products, and services for warfighters, the acquisition community, and the logistics community to promote interoperability, reduce total ownership costs, and sustain readiness.


DMSMS Knowledge Sharing Portal

The DMSMS Knowledge Sharing Portal (DKSP) is focused on being a non-biased one-stop provider of DMSMS related information, resources and material to empower the Department of Defense (DoD) community, both Organic and Industrial, to implement best practices for monitoring, tracking, resolving, and performing analytical logistic and engineering analysis related to obsolescence impacts.

Please click the Join Community button to become a member and drop us a note in the DISCUSSIONS tab with questions, concerns, and any feedback you wish to share.


DoD Enterprise Software Initiative

DoD ESI is an official initiative sponsored by the DoD Chief Information Officer (CIO) to lead in the establishment and management of enterprise COTS IT agreements, assets, and policies. DoD ESI lowers the total cost of ownership across the DoD, Coast Guard, and Intelligence Communities for commercial software, IT hardware, and services, with over $6B in cost avoidance since inception in 1998.


Earned Value Management

This community serves as a resource for earned value management (EVM) and seeks to encourage effective use of DoD’s and industry’s most powerful program planning and management tools. EVM promotes an environment where contract execution data is shared between project personnel and government oversight staff and in which emerging problems are identified, pinpointed, and acted upon as early as possible.




This Community serves as a collaborative space to provide resources for systems engineering (SE) practitioners. These resources support program planning and design activities as well as implementation of SE processes. In addition, this Community offers a variety of ways for Engineering to network with other SE practitioners, to access current community contributions and discussions on SE tips and best practices, and to share expert knowledge related to SE. 


Facilities Engineering

This Community serves to support the design, construction, and life-cycle maintenance of military installations, facilities, civil works projects, airfields, roadways, and ocean facilities. Resources include all facets of life cycle management from planning through disposal, including design, construction, environmental protection, base operations and support, housing, real estate, and real property maintenance.


Government Property

This Community serves as a resource for Government Property Administrators and Plant Clearance Officers. The community provides information and resources to support the proper management and oversight of government property. With over $100 billion worth of Government property in the hands of Department of Defense contractors Government property impacts the development and fielding of virtually every major weapon system platform today. It is hoped that this community will help you learn and understand more about this critical acquisition field.


Hazardous Materials Packaging & Transportation

The Hazardous Materials Packaging & Transportation Community is designed to assist all DOD HAZMAT employees to find information necessary to package and transport Hazardous Materials. The Community is maintained by members of the Hazardous Materials Packaging Working Group. It serves to provide Points of Contact, Policies, Hot Topics, Compliance Checklists, Training links and various Job Aids. 


Human Systems Integration (HSI)

Integrating human performance considerations into the defense acquisition system can present substantial challenges for Human Systems Integration (HSI) practitioners and stakeholders. The DAU HSI Community of Practice (CoP) provides a unique resource in this pursuit, offering a convenient platform to share knowledge aimed at achieving effective and relevant HSI practice across government, industry, and academia. The HSI COP aims to help stakeholders find knowledge that can be readily applied in practice, including references, standards, templates, lessons learned, and best practices. It also provides a central hub for HSI education and training opportunities, community discussion, tools of the trade, and links to the greater HSI community of stakeholders. Join today! 


Industrial Manufacturing and Supply Chain

We're a new community. When our moderators get a chance, they'll update this page to tell you more about our purpose, our activities, and the rules of conduct here on our site.


Information Technology/Software

This community is here to support your IT/software acquisition needs. IT/Software has rapidly become the critical component to DoD’s success on and off the battlefield. This community is focused on collaborating with the IT/software Acquisition workforce to ensure we engineer, design, develop and sustain world-class IT/software acquisition practices. This community touches on all aspects of IT/software acquisition for the improvement of better, faster, cheaper software solutions for all DoD personnel.


Intellectual Property (IP) & Data Rights

The Intellectual Property and Data Rights Community provides a "one-stop shop" for training resources (e.g. online courses, videos), laws, regulations, judicial opinions and DoD policies on intellectual property (IP) and Data Rights and serves as a platform for acquisition professionals to collaborate. This comprehensive website includes a variety of useful tools to assist program offices create an IP strategy, which considers licensing and Data Rights throughout all phases of the contracting process (e.g. program development, contracting, product delivery, and maintenance and data management), as part of an acquisition strategy.