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DAU communities of practice (CoP) empower the acquisition workforce (AWF) by turning students into practitioners and practitioners into experts by connecting people and knowledge. Communities advance this connection by providing fast, frictionless access to information, resources, strategies, innovation, and support.

We invite you to join any of our communities by signing in, exploring a community, and then clicking the Join button. It’s that simple! Join us and let’s get the conversation started!

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Communities of Practice



Requirements Management


Welcome to your Requirements Management Community of Practice (RMCoP)! This is where you can leverage the corporate experience of your peers and collaborate with your DAU team of experts to help get your Requirements Management job done better and faster. 

On this home page, the Pinned Content highlights important information up-front, and the Feed provides rolling content of the most recent RMCoP activity.  Click on the Discussions tab and you can join (or create) relevant community-wide conversations. Go to the Events and Announcements tabs to get the latest news and information. A wealth of documents, tools, and other information are at your fingertips in the Resources and Documents tabs. 

Help your fellow Requirements Managers build on, and pass on, our collective knowledge for getting requirements done right by sharing your best practices, expert knowledge, and lessons learned. Get better outcomes. Improve Acquisition. It all starts with the Requirement–and you. Get better outcomes. Build your Community. Improve Acquisition.


Risk, Issue, and Opportunity Management

This Community serves as a source for risk management information and resources. The DoD Risk, Issue, and Opportunity (RIO) Management Guide for Defense Acquisition Programs is the first resource to use to get guidance on RIO in Defense Acquisition. The RIO Guide recently added a section on managing risk by Adaptive Acquisition Framework (AAF) pathway.  The six acquisition pathways are designed to promote the efficient delivery of effective, suitable, survivable, sustainable, and affordable solutions to end users.


Science and Technology Management

This Community serves as a resources for science and technology management and provides a forum for the Defense Acquisition Workforce to collaborate and share information, connecting people with the resources that can help enhance their job effectiveness. 


Small Business

This Community serves as the central repository for small business policy and guidance information, small business programs, training materials, tools and related learning assets. 


Smart Shutdown Program Support (SSPS)

This community provides a forum for information exchange and peer-to-peer discussions to provide acquisition organizations enterprise best practices to accomplish smart, disciplined, efficient, and effective program shut down when required to do so. This community provides the defense acquisition community a forum for their “voice to be heard” in identifying goals, processes, shortfalls, issues, best practices, plans, and considerations in all aspects of program shut down activities.


Space Acquisition

This Community serves to support the space acquisition community members with immediate access to the learning assets they need to sustain and enhance their overall performance. The site provides lessons learned, updated directives, and key POCs if you need to calibrate your acquisition actions and decisions and/or just need some extra help in the context of your daily space acquisition duties. 


Spectrum and E3 Compliance

This Community is brought to you by DISA's Defense Spectrum Organization's (DSO) Joint Spectrum Center (JSC). Compliance with Spectrum Supportability (SS) requirements and control of E3 can be critical performance parameters for platforms, systems, and electronic equipment acquired by the DoD. If these technical areas are not given the proper level of attention during the acquisition process, you can be sure that fielded systems will suffer from some level of operational degradation up to, and including catastrophic failures or unacceptable operating restrictions. This CoP is to be used for training purposes only. 


Test and Evaluation Community

Welcome to the Test & Evaluation (T&E) Community of Practice. T&E is the process by which a system or components are exercised and results analyzed to provide performance-related information. The purpose of this site is simple - to provide T&E practitioners with up to date T&E policy and guidance information as issued by the Department of Defense and Components. Users will find information on general policy for Developmental T&E and Operational T&E, as well as more specific T&E topics such as cybersecurity, reliability, and interoperability. The site also points users to sources of T&E training and certification.