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White graduation cap icon ACQ 1700  Agile for DoD Acquisition Team Members

Agile for DoD Acquisition Team Members

This is an in-person classroom (CLRM) Instructor-Led Training course. DAU Centralized Travel Funds are NOT authorized. If TDY will be required to attend this course, your organization must fund your TDY. Please contact your organization/agency training office for unit travel funds/Line of Accounting (LOA). DAU and the Component Acquisition Training Offices do not have the authority to provide travel funds/LOA.

To enroll in an offering click here: Virtual Campus, and then click the drop-down list to the right of the "View Details" button next to the session you want.

  • Request: Seats are available, and you will immediately be registered.
  • Add to Waitlist: Seats are not currently available and the waitlist will be processed as first come first served.

    This course is a cross-functional, general purpose course on the tenets and principles of agile that will provide students the knowledge and skills necessary to perform on an Agile DoD Program. It will instill a common understanding of all functional roles and dependencies in developing and producing capabilities using agile processes and best practices and will explore what it takes to perform a successful agile transformation across an organization. There will be a skills and knowledge assessment via hands-on exercises where students will demonstrate their mastery of these skills.

    The course graduate will be able to:

    • Create a product vision
    • Create a product roadmap
    • Write a user story
    • Participate in an iteration/sprint planning meeting
    • Recommend agile cultural mindset changes needed for success
    • Create a sprint backlog that ensures security and quality testing (software assurance) are embedded in each sprint iteration
    • Interpret agile metrics


See "Notes" section of the Concept Card for recommended prerequisites.



Those in PM, ETM, T&E, BUS-FM/BUS-CE, LCL and CON functional areas.


Recommended Prerequisites:
  • ACQ 1010 Fundamentals of Systems Acquisition Management
  • CLE 076 Introduction to Agile Software Acquisition
  • Foreign National Students will need to contact their Country Program Manager (CPM) who will coordinate with the Security Assistance Training Field Activity (SATFA). For additional information, please send an email to [email protected].
Additional Information:
  • The CLPs assigned to this learning activity may be used to meet professional certification and/or licensure requirements (PDUs/CPE credits).