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White graduation cap icon ALD 1100  Growing as an Acquisition Leader

Growing as an Acquisition Leader

This course is being piloted for direct registration via DAU Virtual Campus (CSOD). Click on "Apply for this training" button in the upper right-hand corner to register for an offering.

Are you ready to begin your leadership journey in the world of Defense Acquisition? "Growing as an Acquisition Leader", an Instructor-Led Training (CLRM), is the gateway to that journey for Defense Acquisition professionals early in their careers or those who lack basic leadership training. The course is most appropriate for functional specialists or subject matter experts who work as individual performers or members of teams; however, anyone can learn the skills necessary to be a leader without regard to grade or position. This course provides the foundations of being, thinking, and doing that make a talented Defense Acquisition professional better prepared to lead in this environment.

The course provides models, tools, frameworks, and approaches for building self-awareness and influencing up, down, and across the organization. Learners apply critical thinking to practical acquisition challenges as they reflect on and plan their professional growth. If you are looking for a leadership course that emphasizes the current Defense Acquisition environment and also provides insights into communication skills, facilitating meetings, professionalism, stakeholder engagement, motivation techniques, strategies to leverage individual differences, teaming approaches, working with industry, and the National Defense Strategy, this course lays a strong foundation for building your skills as an effective Defense Acquisition leader. Additionally, it applies proven approaches and innovative new methods to help you build new skills and techniques, as well as providing tools for your leadership toolkit -- all to prepare you to apply your new skills in the workplace.

Please review the outline of course requirements and expectations here: Growing as an Acquisition Leader.

To earn DAU Continuous Learning Points (CLPs), learners must complete all course components including:

  1. Pre-work assignment (8 CLPs)
  2. Kick-off Session
  3. Submission of Learner-Supervisor Agreement (LSA)
  4. Initial office hour session
  5. CLRM class participation/assignments (24 CLPs)
  6. Post-work assignment (8 CLPs)


See the Notes section of this course's concept card for additional information.



DoD government civilians and active-duty military functional subject matter experts; at Government Service (GS) levels 7-12 or NH equivalents.


Additional Information:
  • Signed Learner-Supervisor-Agreement (SLA) due two weeks after the Kick-Off Session
  • For specific information relating to the Learner-Supervisor-Agreement (LSA), Kick-off Session, Office Hours, and Pre-Work/In-Class/Post-Work Assignments, please review this document: Requirements and Expectations
  • The CLPs assigned to this learning activity may be used to meet professional certification and/or licensure requirements (PDUs/CPE credits).