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White graduation cap icon ALD 3100  Leading an Adaptive Organization

Leading an Adaptive Organization


Leadership is not grade- or position-dependent. Developing the capacity to lead should continue throughout one’s career. Why wait to achieve increased and sustainable results, surpass customer expectations, and adapt to a complex and ever-changing environment? DAU Voice of the Customer interviews tell us civilian acquisition professionals need more training in leadership and people skills. DAU’s Acquisition Leader Development (ALD) program provides a series of courses that help acquisition professionals succeed throughout their careers.

This Classroom (CLRM) course builds the skills needed to lead people to work effectively across team, functional, and organization boundaries. The course provides what you need to know to align diverse teams and achieve seamless collaboration, coordination, cooperation, and integration with an emphasis on the dynamic acquisition environment highlights the benefits of approaching tasks with creativity rather than just reacting. Additionally, it provides insights into how to thrive in a volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous or VUCA environment using models, tools, and frameworks to grow self-awareness, use effective leadership language, look strategically to the future, guide teams of teams, and make change happen lay a strong foundation for becoming an effective leader of an organizational unit or cross-functional team..





Acquisition Professionals serving as Team Leaders or Supervisor at the Government Service (GS) 12-13 level (or broadband equivalent)


Additional Information:
  • NOTE: Similar to the pre-work requirement, there are several assignments required post-class. The post-work assignments are discussed in detail during the kick-off meeting. Learners will receive their graduation certificates and CLPs upon successful completion of the post-work assignments.
  • The CLPs assigned to this learning activity may be used to meet professional certification and/or licensure requirements (PDUs/CPE credits).