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White graduation cap icon BFM 3000  Advanced Acquisition Financial Management

Advanced Acquisition Financial Management

Advanced Acquisition Financial Management, is delivered in TWO parts for implementation/registration purposes and spans two (2) consecutive weeks.

BFM 3000, a four (4) day classroom/resident course, is Part II. Part I is BFM 2990V which is a four (4) day virtual course. When you register for BFM 3000, you will automatically be registered for Part I, BFM 2990V. BFM 2990V is NOT available for independent registration. For your planning purposes, BFM 2990V will always occur the week prior to the BFM 3000 offering you are approved to attend.

Together, BFM 2990V and BFM 3000 comprise a highly engaging blended learning course of instruction designed to foster critical thinking via instructor facilitated discussions, small groups sessions, and shared experiences. Students will be placed in a mock program office environment where they will use current acquisition programs to research, analyze and evaluate program financial data in order to develop briefings for senior leadership to make programmatic decisions.

This dynamic course will require hands on application and strategic analysis during small group collaboration sessions while making ethical cost effective, performance, quantity and schedule trade-offs, and managing risk to achieve programmatic milestones.


  • BUS 1100 Business Essentials
  • BFM 1000 Fundamentals of Acquisition Financial Management
  • BFM 2000 Applied Acquisition Financial Management
DAWIA Business FM Practitioner/Level II Certification with six (6) years of required acquisition financial experience

See "Notes" section of this course's concept card for additional experience requirements.



DoD professionals (with a minimum of 6 years of acquisition financial experience prior to registration) with duties serving in one of the following areas:
<li>Acquisition BUS-FM Program Lead on ACAT I/II or Business System Category I;
<li> Acquisition BUS-FM Lead at PEO; or
<li>Service/Component/Headquarters equivalent level


Experience Requirement:
  • Individuals attending this course must have a minimum of six (6) years of acquisition financial experience within an acquisition major program office, PEO, or equivalent. Registering for this course automatically registers you for BFM 2990V Part I of this course which occurs the week prior to the offering you are approved to attend.
Additional Information:
  • Students failing to successfully complete BFM 2990 will be dis-enrolled from BFM 3000.
  • BFM 2990V, the virtual portion of this course is conducted via MS Teams.
  • The CLPs assigned to this learning activity may be used to meet professional certification and/or licensure requirements (PDUs/CPE credits).