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White graduation cap icon EXE 4000V  Problem Solving for Tomorrow's Defense Leaders

Problem Solving for Tomorrow's Defense Leaders

Key Outcomes:

In the Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT) Problem Solving for Tomorrow’s Defense Leaders Course (EXE 4000) you will:

  • Add a broad range of thinking models to your leadership arsenal
  • Develop diverse problem-solving skills to transform your team into a high-performing organization
  • Gain dynamic mastery of decision-making tools to improve future plans and strategies
  • Understand your thinking preferences and how they affect your team’s ability to problem solve


The Problem Solving for Tomorrow’s Defense Leaders Course is designed to increase the ability of leaders to leverage thinking models and take yourself and your organization to new levels of success. With the tools and skills provided, you will be able to pivot to meet the challenges leaders often face within defense programs and portfolios. You will be able think and act decisively in an age of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity. During this one-week offering, you will:

  • Sharpen your critical thinking tools and decision skills set by adding an arsenal of thinking models to provide capabilities to the warfighter
  • Develop a brain trust of service/agency and industry peers to support you as a future DoD leader
  • Master techniques that enrich and optimize the diversity of a cross-functional team
  • Identify personal biases and techniques to strengthen decision making
  • Be fully equipped with thinking and problem solving best practices and gain insight into critical supporting program information

You will work with a team of faculty and experts from diverse business disciplines provide in-depth knowledge in core areas including Thinking models, Capability Integration and Acquisition Leadership. Class sessions capture the years of experience in the room. Synergistic dialogue throughout this course will result in career-spanning, cross-DoD relationships.


  • Required Course Prerequisites: None
  • See "Notes" section below for certification prerequisite requirements.



NH-IV/O-5/O-6/Industry Equivalent, seasoned acquisition professional


Other Prerequisite Requirements:
  • Previously coded DAWIA Level III (Legacy) in any functional area OR one (or more) of the following prior to attending this course:
    • BUS-CE: Advanced
    • BUS-FM: Practitioner or Advanced with at least 15 years of experience
    • ETM: Practitioner
    • LCL: Advanced
    • T&E: Practitioner with at least 15 years of experience
    • CON: DoD Contracting Professional with at least 15 years of experience
    • PM: Practitioner with 4 or more years of PM experience, and/or on path for Advanced
    • Industry Participants must be Senior Program Managers, Senior Professionals with 15-20 years of experience
    • Requirements: Level C
  • EXE 4000 is a mandatory prerequisite for attending PMT 4010.
Additional Notes:
  • EXE 4000V is designed as a cross-functional learning experience with seasoned acquisition professionals.
  • This course is focused on those supervising or leading teams as an NH-IV//0-5/O-6/Industry equivalent.
  • Offerings of this course are conducted virtually. VILT synchronous, learning is from 0900 to 1630 hours ET. Check-in on Day 1 is at 0900 ET to ensure last-minute MS Teams for Education connectivity.
  • As a virtual offering, there is asynchronous (self-paced learning) work scheduled for each class day.
  • This asset requires learners access their Okta-provisioned DAU account. The actual class will be conducted using DAU's MS Teams for Education. An email will provided with detailed instructions prior to 30 days of class start.
  • Learners must also complete DAU's Connectivity and Orientation Session prior to the Course Manager's Welcome Session.
  • The CLPs assigned to this learning activity may be used to meet professional certification and/or licensure requirements (PDUs/CPE credits).