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White graduation cap icon WSM 014  Acquisition Strategy Development Workshop (ASDW)

Acquisition Strategy Development Workshop (ASDW)

The Acquisition Strategy Development Workshop guides the multi-functional integrated product team (MFIPT) through the key content areas of the acquisition strategy. The DAU facilitators guide the MFIPT in developing initial acquisition strategy content, culminating with a debrief to a senior acquisition leader. Each workshop is tailored to the team’s unique program circumstances. The duration is typically 3-4 days.
The ASDW is also available to staff as a “class” version which provides an opportunity to practice critical thinking skills in a safe environment as an open workshop. This version of the workshop enables teams to develop a strategy based on a realistic program scenario. It also culminates with a debrief of the strategy to a senior acquisition leader.





<li>A) Intact Team: The key members of the acquisition team should participate, including program manager, contracting officer, chief engineer, test manager, logistics manager, and financial manager. Staff functions, user representatives, operational test managers, and PEO staff are also encouraged to participate. Senior leader in the program chain of command should receive the debrief at the end of the workshop. <li>

B) Open Workshop: Attendees should have at least four years acquisition experience and be certified at the practitioner / foundational level.


  • Fee-For-Service arrangements may be required.