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White graduation cap icon WSS 016  Zero Trust (ZT) Practitioner’s Workshop

Zero Trust (ZT) Practitioner’s Workshop

The purpose of the workshop is to provide clarity on the Department of Defense (DoD)’s Zero Trust implementation requirements. This strategy supports DoD’s overarching efforts toward Digital Modernization. In this workshop, we will review DoD's information technology strategic initiatives, cybersecurity reference architectures, relevant laws, regulations, policies, and standards related to ZT. Participants will exercise their knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs) on project management principles, system design analysis, and assessment and reporting methodologies. Participants will assess cybersecurity ZT trade-space and tradeoffs based on the People, Processes, and Technology relating to having adequate security controls, Doctrine, Organization, Training, materiel, Leadership and Education, Personnel, Facilities, and Policy (DOTmLPF-P) and risk management framework (RMF) principles.


JKO Zero Trust course (1 of 4): ZT Awareness, ZT for Executives, ZT Strategy & Guidance, or ZT Implementation



Target audience includes DoD and DoD-affiliated personnel which includes Military, Civilians and Contractors. See the Notes section of this course's concept card for registration restriction information.


  • Restricted to Department of Defense (DoD) only.
Additional Information:
  • Taught at the unclassified level.
  • To inquire about or request this course for your organization, click the “Apply for Course” button in the upper right corner.