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Excel Skills for Data Analytics and Visualization Credential

Harness the power of data through advanced Excel functions and creative visualization techniques. Starting with a senior leadership overview highlighting the significance of data analytics, you’ll continue with a series of courses covering Excel fundamentals for data analysis, visualization and automation. Through these courses, you’ll put together a comprehensive toolkit for transforming, linking and analyzing data, culminating in the exploration of real-world DoD applications. From proposal analysis to showcasing best practices in data acquisition, you’ll understand the vital role of data analytics and visualization in informing decision-making within the Defense domain. For those new to Excel, completing the Excel Skills for Business course prior to enrollment is recommended, ensuring a solid foundation for mastering these invaluable data-driven skills.

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Additional Credential Information

Credential Expiration : 5 years from date earned.
Availability : Department of Defense (DoD) Only
Continuous Learning Points : Click Here
Deployed Date : 05/16/2022
Credentials Restrictions :