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Contracting for Logistics & Sustainment Credential

Enrich your expertise on life cycle logistics, market research, performance-based logistics, data rights, government-furnished property and the incorporation of industry perspectives into contracting practices. Take part in specialized training on logistics/sustainment contracting nuances not covered in foundational courses and learn about the benefits of market research, acquisition strategy development and the process for service acquisition. You’ll also explore intellectual property data rights, government property management, financial accounting and property administration for DoD professionals, fundamental knowledge for new life cycle logisticians and public-private partnerships in product support.

Estimated time to complete this credential is 26 hours. Earn up to 29 CLPs.

Badge Icon for Contracting for Logistics & Sustainment Credential


ID Title Delivery Method
LOG 0640 Diminishing Manufacturing Sources and Material Shortages (DMSMS): What The PM Needs To Do and Why Online Training (OLT)
LOG 0310 Performance Based Logistics (PBL) Contracting Strategies Online Training (OLT)
LOG 0060 Public-Private Partnerships Online Training (OLT)
LOG 0010 Life Cycle Product Support Management Online Training (OLT)
CON 0520 Contracting Property Fundamentals Online Training (OLT)
CON 0510 Managing Government Property in the Possession of Contractors Online Training (OLT)
CON 0180 Data Rights Online Training (OLT)
CON 0170 Contracting for Repair Services Online Training (OLT)
CON 0130 Services Acquisition Online Training (OLT)
CON 0040 Market Research Online Training (OLT)
CLC 028 Past Performance Information Online Training (OLT)


Civilian/military 1101s or 1102s Contracting Specialist / Contracting Officer executing (or will be expected to execute), routine supply and service contract actions at both small (less than SAT) and large (over TINA Threshold) dollar amounts. Examples of the types of procurement include the following: spares purchasing, supporting major weapon systems, medical supplies, inventory management, maintenance, replenishment, performance-based logistics, contractor logistics support, etc. Learners will typically be certified in contracting, having more than 12 months contracting experience. Learners can be both non-supervisory and supervisory. There are no degree/education requirements (outside of DAWIA certification requirements for the series. Non-typical learners who may also take this CON credential are Managers (0346), Purchasing Agents (1105s), and any type of Logistics Management Specialist/workforce member.

Additional Credential Information

Credential Expiration : 5 years from date earned.
Availability : All
Continuous Learning Points : Click Here
Deployed Date : 09/25/2023
Credentials Restrictions :


  • Predecessor courses may not be used to complete credential requirements.
  • All students must have a DAUID.
  • IE is not an accepted browser.
  • Enroll in a Credential through the DAU Virtual Campus at https://dau.csod.com