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What's New at DAU July-August 2023


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What's New at DAU July-August 2023

Deployment of new credentials, available workshops, webinars, and other new learning opportunities. 

FY24 DAU Training Schedule

Except for executive-level courses, the fiscal year 2024 DAU training schedule will be released, and open for registration, on a quarterly basis on the following dates: 
Q1: July 11, 2023 
Q2: Oct. 3, 2023 
Q3: Jan. 9, 2024 
Q4: Apr. 2, 2024 
The entire fiscal year’s schedule will be released and open for registration on July 11, 2023, for those courses. 

New Learning Tool—Voice of Experience

The Voice of Experience is a new way of approaching the development of learning assets, particularly virtual, instructor-led training. This new tool incorporates lived experiences and lessons learned from experts in the field to bolster course content. (Read more

Immersive Experiences to Build Problem-solving Skills

Shawn Harrison 
Looking for targeted training to sharpen your product support skills for a new job or task assignment? Look no further than the Integrated Product Support (IPS) Element-based portfolio of Life Cycle Logistics Defense Acquisition Credentials. (Read more)

DIU, DAU Launch 2023 Immersive Commercial Acquisition Training Program

DIU Communications 
Access to cutting-edge, commercial technology is vital for our national security. To ensure Service members have timely access to commercial technology, DoD is promoting broader use of Agile acquisition methods by training a corps of acquisition professionals on the Defense Innovation Unit (DIU) acquisition process. (Read more)

Space Variant Course Offering: ACQ-230

 Steve Skotte  
DAU is offering an in-residence ACQ-2030 Space Variant at Los Angeles AFB, Calif., Sept. 12–15, 2023. This section (ACQ 2030-2023-024) is the Space Variant of ACQ-2030 and is designed specifically for space acquirers. A space scenario (WeatherSAT) is used throughout the course instead of the Firebird Unmanned Aerial Vehicle. This course is equivalent to the regular ACQ-2030 and covers all the same learning objectives. Apply here. 

New DAU Course Offerings
New Special Course Offerings/Credentials:

To stay current on the issues that matter to defense acquisition professionals, including defense strategy priorities, policy guidance, innovation, leadership, and many other topics visit the DAU Events website. 

DAU also offers open workshops that provide the workforce access to information on a specific subject and actionable products. Registration is easy and Continuous Learning Points are awarded upon completion. 

July-August cover Defense Acquisition Magazine 2023Read the full issue of