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Defense Acquisition Magazine July-August 2023

Defense Acquisition Magazine July-August 2023



July - August 2023

ISSN 2637-5060

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Sustaining a Resilient Joint Force and Defense Ecosystem that Enables Integrated Deterrence   
Part 2 of 2

Christopher J. Lowman, Assistant Secretary of Defense for Sustainment

DoD’s Sustainment Executive looks to the future of data-informed sustainment and the need to achieve the right balance of Core logistics capabilities in combination with private-sector providers. 

Joshua Marcuse, Director of Strategic Initiatives, Google Public Sector

Interview With Joshua Marcuse, Director of Strategic Initiatives, Google Public Sector 

Marina Theodotou, Ed.D., and DAU Faculty

The former executive director of the Defense Innovation Board discusses DoD’s way forward. 

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Portfolio-Focused Acquisition for the 21st Century Battlespace

David Tremper, Director, Acquisition Integration and Interoperability Office

Acquisition must be inherently collaborative, holistically focused, and always mindful of joint operational gaps in order to deliver integrated capabilities. 

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Innovate to Win—Overcoming DoD’s Innovation Scaling Problem

Marina Theodotou, Ed.D.

DAU creates a learning model for workforce innovation competency skills and readiness. 

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Disruptive Innovation—Time to Rethink “Big A” Acquisition? 

Brian Schultz

The nation’s future depends more on developments that radically alter rather than simply sustain or improve existing technologies. 

a man at a podium

Closing the Innovation Gap by Rethinking Defense Acquisition Education 

Col. Robert F. Mortlock, USA (Ret.), Ph.D., and Col. Raymond D. Jones, USA (Ret.)

The Naval Postgraduate School is transforming graduate education in the acquisition sciences for the Warfighter. 

soldiers studying

Project Mercury—A Moonshot for Defense Innovation 

Ethan Eagle, Ph.D., and Col. James D. Dryjanski, USAF (Ret)

Educating innovators is key to accelerating change and meeting U.S. strategic challenges. 

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Leaders Learn First—Innovators in Education 

Master Sgt. Conor Gray, USAF (Ret)

Leveraging Air Force innovation at the Senior Noncommissioned Officers Academy located at Maxwell AFB–Gunter Annex, Alabama. 

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The People Element in DoD Innovation

Arthur Trevethan

The DoD workforce has a vital role in driving innovation, but changes are needed to facilitate and maximize that contribution. 

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Workforce Innovation Readiness—Vital in this Decisive Decade

Marina Theodotou, Ed.D

DoD’s innovation network needs a common framework, an innovation competency skill model, and an innovation readiness metric. 

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Doing Defense Differently—Inspiration From DAU’s Flagship Event

Maria Briggs

Speakers shared stories and insights to help the acquisition workforce think and do defense differently. 

Conferences and Meetings

Current conferences and meetings of interest to Defense Acquisition readers. Links provided to registration and additional information. 

Acquisition Excellence

The latest awards and recognition received for work well done. 

What's New at DAU

Deployment of new credentials, available workshops, webinars, and other new learning opportunities. 

Research, Technology, and Innovation

Learn about recent innovation, initiatives, and achievements. 

Leadership & Policy

New policy initiatives and recently appointed or nominated DoD policy leaders. 

Career Development Opportunities

Information on DoD and Service-related programs that can benefit careers in the Defense Acquisition workforce. 

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Defense Acquisition Magazine

July-August 2023

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