DoD Integrated Product Support Implementation Roadmap - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


General DoD PS Roadmap and DAP Questions

How is the Roadmap Organized?

The Roadmap is organized into two views:

  • List View – a compact list of activities and outputs required (must be tailored for your specific program)
  • Timeline View – activities and outputs across the life cycle by:
    • Major program key events/products.
    • Logistics, program and technical reviews.
    • Integrated product support elements.
    • Activities and outputs are not displayed in any priority order. They are listed in random order within the acquisition phase.
    • Not every activity leads to a specific output.

The rows show:

  • Major program key events/products.
  • Logistics, program, and technical reviews.
  • The 12 Integrated Product Support Elements.
The Columns show:
  • Acquisition phase by color.
  • Each phase is broken into activities (bright) and outputs (shaded).

How much information is available through the Roadmap?

The Roadmap provides information to you via web accessible links to over 2,500 knowledge items, including policy, guidance, references, continuous learning modules, service specific links and other cross-functional tools and references

There is so much information, how do I find what I'm looking for?

Let Ctrl “F” be your guide!

Open the Roadmap in either List or Time Line view.
Example – Filter by “Product Support Management” and the IPS Element you are interested in, or “Expand All” to search the entire Roadmap.
On your keyboard, Use “Ctrl+F” and then type in the word or words you are looking for in the space provided. This will usually provide the result you are looking for. The words will be highlighted across the Roadmap.

What is a meta card?

Each topic (activity or output) on the Roadmap has a meta card attached to it. When you click on a topic a meta card will display. The meta cards are designed in a template format so you will see the same order of resources each time you access one. Each meta card includes the following categories:

  • Definition (Source:DAU Glossary)
  • ACQuipedia article
  • Guidance
  • Service Specific References
  • Other References
  • Policy
  • Communities
  • Training
  • Related Topics

Is everything listed on the Roadmap required? Is everything listed under an Integrated Product Support (IPS) Element mandatory?

It depends on the program. The Roadmap is provided as guidance that was designed with the MDAP ACAT IA program as the standard. Mandatory requirements are controlled by U.S Code and their associated directives and instructions. Each program must determine the mandatory requirements. Product support should be tailored to meet the requirements and specific needs of the program.

What are the some quick "Logistics" links?

What specific Product Support Guidebooks are accessible through the Roadmap?

When you click on any topic a meta card comes up. Each meta card lists the following guide books under Guidance:

Is there information from other functional areas on the roadmap?

Yes, here are a few examples and their links:

How can I find out what documents are required during each phase and for Milestone reviews?

  • The Roadmap links to the Milestone Documentation Identification tool (MDID) which can filter by ACAT and acquisition phase.
  • Open in “timeline view”; move your mouse to hover over the milestone icon at the top; click and it will take you to the MDID.

Is my Service's information available through the Roadmap?

Yes, service specific items are available when you click on any topic. Once selected, a meta card comes up. If there is “Service Specific” information listed, the link will be listed on the meta card. Please use the feedback button if you wish to suggest an item to add related to all services or one specific.

What should the PM know about the Roadmap?

  • The Roadmap provides the PM a view of what is required to advance the program and a product support package through the Defense Acquisition Board (DAB) process and to achieve milestone decisions required for the program.
  • PM will have a clearer understanding of the responsibilities and role of the PSM, Logisticians and IPS Element SMEs.
  • The Roadmap helps identify the importance of timely integration of product support elements to stay within program cost, schedule and performance requirements.

What should the Product Support Manager know about the Roadmap?

  • The Roadmap provides the PSM a view of what is required to support the PM to advance the program and a product support package through the DAB process and achieve milestone decisions required for the program.
  • PSM will understand the requirements for each logistics/program/technical review.
  • PSM will have a clearer understanding of the activities and outputs of each IPS element during each life cycle phase.
  • PSM will have a clearer understanding of the importance of integration of IPS elements and the effect on cost, schedule and performance when there is any change within an IPS element.
  • PSM will more clearly understand the importance and requirements of SMEs from the IPS elements.

What's in it for me?

  • The Roadmap saves time otherwise spent searching for the latest information relating to the new Product Support initiatives.
  • Provides easy access to the Life Cycle Sustainment Plan (LCSP) Outline
  • Access to Logistics Assessments checklists and for the preparation of technical reviews
  • Quick access to:
    • The New Defense Acquisition Guidebook DAG)
    • Product Support Manager (PSM)
    • Logistics Assessment Guidebook
    • Links to a range of Life Cycle Logistics ACQuipedia articles
    • Access to various other cross functional topics (i.e. the Milestone Documentation Identification tool (MDID)

Technical and System Questions

How often is the Roadmap updated?

The Roadmap will be updated whenever any major change is implemented or annually as needed.

Can I print the Roadmap?

Yes, but be aware that it will require a printer capable of producing large copies (approximately 24” x 60“). The following instructions are in the Help file.

Printing Instructions:

The download file is an image of the Timeline View with all rows expanded. The result is a table that is sixty inches (five feet) tall! Few people have access to printers that can process paper that long.

To print the implementation roadmap on standard printers, open the file in Acrobat Reader® and select File > Print. In the Print dialog box, under the Page Size & Handling section, click the Size button, and click the Fit radio button. This will shrink the implementation roadmap down and print it on the current paper size selected for the current printer.

To change paper size, click the Properties button next to the list box showing the currently-selected printer. The Printer Properties dialog is different for each printer, but most have a paper size control on the front.

Another option is to print several “tiles” and assemble them into a whole, full-size implementation roadmap. To do this, open the file in Acrobat Reader® and select File > Print. In the Print dialog box, under the Page Size & Handling section, click the Poster button. Adjust other settings and the properties of the selected printer to orient the tiles onto the fewest sheet of the largest paper the printer allows. Don't forget to turn off doubled-sided printing! When all the tiles are printed, carefully trim the edges of on sheet and tape or glue it to another. Trim this assembly and adhere it to the next tile. Continue with all the remaining tiles. The full-size implementation roadmap typically requires eighteen 8½"×11" sheets of paper. Of course, the downloaded file is no longer interactive when printed. To see the content in the meta cards, return to the DoD web site.

What browser must I use to view this Roadmap?

This Roadmap was developed so content can be viewed in Safari, Firefox, and Internet Explorer 9.0 and earlier versions.

Can I access the Roadmap via my mobile device?

Yes, the website was designed to be reactive and accessible via your i-Phone & i-Pad device and Android OS.

Why did I get a Certificate error on the Roadmap website? Is it safe?

  • Certificate Error – "There is a problem with this website’s security certificate".
  • Digital certificates are used to enable secure/encrypted connections, via Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), between your computer and a web site. If you’re receiving a warning that our site is untrusted/insecure, your computer may not have the latest version of the DoD Root Certificates.
  • Most users that encounter related certificate problems are using a computer that belongs to a non-DoD/private sector organization, or their own personal computer; DoD-issued computers are generally updated frequently to include these certificates. Please Click Here to obtain step-by-step installation instructions.

What if I find some incorrect information or a broken/bad link in a meta card? Who do I contact for missing or incorrect information?

Each meta card has a red “Submit feedback” button on the bottom. There is also a “Feedback” button on the main menu. Both of these options open an email where you can provide information to correct or enhance the quality of the Roadmap.

Why am I not able to open documents orlinks contained within the Roadmap?

The resolution to this type of issue is dependent upon what occurs in your attempts to access the documents or course links:

  • A blank window displays.
    This is common when your organizations security settings prohibit access to certain file extensions (i.e. PDF, DOCX, PPT). To address this issue, please add DAU to your browsers Trusted Sites list. This action often requires administrative privileges, so you may need to have your local IT department assist in applying the setting outlined below:
    1. Within Internet Explorer, click on your “Tools” menu (keyboard shortcut: “ALT” + “T”).
    2. Click on “Internet Options.”
    3. Select the “Security” tab at the top of the Internet Options dialog.
    4. Click on the “Trusted Sites” icon, then choose the “Sites” button below the list of security zones.
    5. Ensure that “” or “*” are added to the list of Websites.
    6. After applying this setting, please close all instances of Internet Explorer before re-accessing the roadmap

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