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Doing Business with the Department of Defense

Doing Business with the Department of Defense (Test)


Each fiscal year, the Federal Government purchases billions of dollars in goods and services. Small businesses are awarded tens of billions in Department of Defense contracts annually, start preparing your business to compete for and win those awards.   

Memorandum from Secretary of Defense 

"Small businesses are critically important to the DoD. The Department has a strategic interest in leveraging small business innovation and capabilities to address our global challenges and ensure mission success. Accounting for over 40-percent of the United States' gross domestic product, the small businesses driven by our communities are vital to our economic progress."

- Lloyd J. Austin III, Secretary of Defense                        
Full Memo: DoD Small Business Contracting 


2022 National Defense Strategy

2022 National Defense Strategy"The Department will strengthen our defense industrial base to ensure that we produce and sustain the full range of capabilities needed to give U.S., allied, and partners forces a competitive advantage. We will bolster support for our unparalleled network of research institutions, both university-affiliated and federally-funded research and development centers, as well as small businesses and innovative technology firms."

 2022 National Defense Strategy                         
Source: Link to Full Document 



Department of Defense Small Business Strategy

Link to Small Business Strategy "This Small Business Strategy outlines a Department-wide plan to harness the power of America’s small, innovative, and agile companies and grow their contributions to the defense mission. These initiatives will streamline efforts across DoD in order to make it easier for small businesses to work with DoD, align small business activities to sustain and expand the Department’s diverse and modernized capabilities, and reduce barriers for small businesses to help reverse the declining trend in small business suppliers. Small businesses provide our most creative entrepreneurs and most driven workers, and it is imperative that we extend them an open hand. Through implementing this strategy, we will ensure that small businesses continue to serve as indispensable partners in the mission to protect our national security."

- Lloyd J. Austin III, Secretary of Defense                      
Source: DoD Small Business Strategy PDF