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  2. Enhancing Best Value Determination: An Effective Approach to Evaluating Risks in Source Selection

Enhancing Best Value Determination: An Effective Approach to Evaluating Risks in Source Selection

@ 1:00 PM
  • This event is closed. 

    Post Event survey: https://eval.dau.edu/jfe/form/SV_ePOtI66PnOCGn2K?EventID=1135  

    Join us while we gain a comprehensive understanding of how risks and risk mitigations are gathered and utilized as effective evaluation factors, directly linking to the determination of Best Value in the source selection narrative during this webcast. The presentation will delve into the seamless connection between what is required of Offerors and how the Government will assess the proposals they submit. Participants will also grasp the intricacies of source selection development and the source selection process to meet the needs of the acquisition process more effectively. 

    Who should attend:

    Contract management professionals • Government acquisition professionals • Industry professionals involved in government contracts • Project managers and team leads • Procurement specialists • Anyone involved in the source selection process in government contracting

    References for Deeper Learning:

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    Professional Organizations

    Wahl, John

    John Wahl

    Professor of Contract Management, DAU

    John Wahl is an accomplished Professor of Contract Management at the Defense Acquisition University (DAU) and a certified Executive Coach with extensive experience in the Department of Defense Acquisition community. With a career spanning over two decades, John has held various procurement and contracting positions, providing critical support to agencies such as the Naval Sea Systems Command and Marine Corps Systems Command. He specializes in cost/price analysis, Federal Acquisition & Defense Federal Acquisition Regulations Supplement, negotiation techniques, and production and service contracting best practices. John holds an MBA from Virginia Tech and is certified in Project Management, Federal Contact Management, and Commercial Contracts Management. He has received numerous awards for his exceptional work in contract management, including the Department of the Navy's Acquisition Team Award for Competition Excellence. John and his spouse currently reside in Washington, DC. 

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