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Conversations with DoD Award-Winning Acquisition Teams

@ 1:00 pm EDT

    Each year the DoD David Packard Excellence in Acquisition Awards recognize the accomplishments of programs and teams that have helped advance the National Defense Strategy and support the Department's priorities for innovation and excellence in acquisition. 2023 DoD Defense Acquisition Workforce Awards were announced on November 17, 2023. This event will showcase three Team Award Winners:  Space Development Agency (US Space Force), F-15EX Joint Force Interoperable Fighter Jet (USAF) and the Armed Overwatch Program Team (USAF, SOCOM), click here to learn more about these programs. 

    Hear directly from members of each team how they overcame challenges to deliver extraordinary outcomes.

    Date: April 2, 2024

    Time: 1:00-2:30pm (ET)

    CLPs: 1.5

    Who should attend:
    Those in government, academia, and industry, from all functional areas, who work in defense acquisition and want to learn from "winners" about initiatives, tools, and actions they can apply to improve results. 

    Competing to Win Series:
    Attending these sessions will help you relate the work you do in defense acquisition to the Great Power Competition (to learn more click here) shaping our national security environment. Learn ways to meet the challenge and help the US maintain its competitive advantage!  Session format is curated conversation with thought leaders from across DoD, industry, academia, and the acquisition workforce, followed by live Q&A.

    For technical questions, please email: [email protected]

    headshot of kind eyed white man with white hair smiling with black suit jacket and red patterned tie

    Moderator: Mark Husband

    Professor of Acquisition Management, DAU

    26 years active duty Air Force, with 10 years in the AF labs, and joint assignments at European Command in Stuttgart, Germany, NATO in Naples, Italy, and Stavanger, Norway, and Office of Secretary of Defense as a cost analyst in CAPE (Cost Assessment and Program Evaluation).

    Joined DAU in 2010 as a Professor of Systems Engineering and Cost Analysis and served from 2016-2019 as Executive Center Director responsible for five executive courses offered through the Defense Systems Management College. Currently Professor of Acquisition Management teaching in executive courses, serving as an Executive Coach, and providing Consulting and Executive Engagement to DoD acquisition leaders and teams.

    headshot of white man with brown hair smiling wearing a suit over background of flag

    Speaker: Christopher Glista

    Chief of Contracts, Space Development Agency (SDA)

    Mr. Glista is responsible for the daily operation of SDA’s contracting cell.   Under his leadership SDA has executed over $10B of awards in support of the agency’s Proliferated Warfare Space Architecture (PWSA) Tranches 0 -2 Middle Tier of Acquisition programs. 

    Prior to joining SDA, Mr. Glista spent over a decade at the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) as a Contracting Officer.  Mr. Glista began his government career as an intern in the Naval Acquisition Intern Program at the Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR).

    waist up shot of smiling balding white man with brown hair on background of flag and blue curtains

    Speaker: Scott Klement

    Acquisition Program Manager, Air Force Life Cycle Management Center, Fighters and Advanced Aircraft Directorate, F-15 Division, F-15EX Program Office (SPO), Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio

    Mr. Klement is the lead program manager for the $9B F-15EX Program responsible for acquiring and fielding of aircraft to the warfighter.

    Mr. Klement began his career in August 2010 as an Information Technology Specialist within the Palace Acquire Internship program. He has served in a variety of IT project management positions before transitioning to Acquisition Program Management in 2018. 

    Prior to his current position, he was responsible for leading agile software development for the Defense Enterprise Accounting Management System (DEAMS) affecting the Systems reporting and existing Production capabilities supporting 17,000 users across 170 installations.

    headshot of smiling white woman with long red hair and bangs to one side, wearing leaf earrings and black shirt on white background

    Speaker: Emily Starkey

    Contracting Officer, Air Force Life Cycle Management Center, Fighters and Advanced Aircraft Directorate, F-15 Division, F-15EX Program Office, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio

    Ms. Starkey is the F-15EX Contracts Section Chief, responsible for managing the $22B F-15EX IDIQ, procuring multiple aircraft lot buys and necessary support services for the F-15EX program.

    Ms. Starkey began her career in August 2011 as a Contracts Specialist working the A-10 and B-52 Simulator programs. She has served in a variety of contracting positions and received her Unlimited Contracting Officer Warrant in 2016. 

    Prior to her current position, Ms. Starkey was responsible for the acquisition and contracts management for multiple programs, to include the VIPSAM Communications Upgrade efforts, as well as the Compass Call program, which worked to design, produce, and deploy a new/updated platform for Electronic Warfare capabilities. 

    headshot of brown haired smiling white man decorated for air force, background of flags

    Speaker: Lt Col Matt Foertsch

    USAF, Materiel Leader, Integrated Strike Programs HQ USSOCOM, SOF AT&L PEO-Fixed Wing (Armed Overwatch Program Team)

    An 18-year USAF acquisition officer with prior assignments in ICBM sustainment, F-22 depot stand-up, munitions research & development, national security space systems, and Air Staff. Currently the Materiel Leader for Integrated Strike Programs, including the AC-130J, Armed Overwatch, and Special Operations-peculiar precision guided munitions at HQ USSOCOM, MacDill AFB, FL.

    Twice deployed to Southwest Asia, first as a depot liaison engineer in support of Operations Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom, and second embedded with Marine and Army special operations units as a liaison engineer for a developmental unmanned aerial reconnaissance system in support of the Combined Joint Special Operations Task Force – Afghanistan.

    headshot of white woman with brown short hair in grey suit jacket, background shows window and plant

    Susan Colarco

    Acquisition Attorney for US Special Operations Command, Special Operations Forces – Acquisition, Technology, and Logistics (Armed Overwatch Program Team)

    Ms. Colarco has served for more than four years as the legal advisor on all Program Executive Office (PEO)-Fixed Wing acquisition matters; PEO-SOF Warrior Special Programs, Sensitive Activities, and Counterproliferation acquisition matters; and SOF AT&L’s vendor threat mitigation efforts. Her legal practice includes advising on FAR-based acquisitions, Other Transactions, CRADAs, ethics, and fiscal law. Prior to her time with USSOCOM, Ms. Colarco served three years with the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), advising on acquisition, administrative law, and Insider Threat legal matters; and served for almost 10 years with the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Office of General Counsel and Office of the Procurement Executive. Ms. Colarco began her legal career with the US Navy JAG Corps and is retired from the US Navy Reserve. 

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