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@ 12:00 PM
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    Topic of Discussion: DoD Supply Chain Management, Resilience, and Assurance by DAU Professor Aaron Jacobson

    This webinar will address DoD Supply Chain Management, Resilience, and Assurance.  Focusing on the Supply Chain Threats, Supply Chain relevant policies, and good Engineering Approaches to address the Supply chain Threats.

    Guest Speaker: Aaron Jacobson, Professor of Cybersecurity at DAU

    Dr. Aaron Jacobson serves as a Professor of Cybersecurity at Defense Acquisition University (DAU) where he leads the advancement of Secure Cyber Resilient Engineer (SCRE) credentials and courses through the use of facilitated discussions, Cyber Training Ranges, and Weapon Systems MBSE Models focused on addressing threats to the DoD ecosystem. He has extensive experience supporting the DoD in System Security Engineering, Cybersecurity, Innovation, and Software engineering.  He has a Master of Business Administration (MBA), Masters of Software Engineering (MSE) and a Cybersecurity Doctorate (DIA).  He has extensive research in the areas of Trojan detection, neuromorphic processing, Cyber AI/Machine Learning and Secure Blockchain.

    If you attended this session, here is the survey link (for 08/24 only) https://eval.dau.edu/jfe/form/SV_ePOtI66PnOCGn2K?EventID=1150 

    NOTE: If you request a completion certificate, you still need to report your CLPs manually to your respected agencies

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