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@ 1:00


    CLPs: 1

    Topic of Discussion: Threat Update: Top 2023 cybersecurity threats and trends by DAU Professor John Whitmer

    The cybersecurity landscape changes quickly and to be effective, we need to keep abreast of recent developments especially with respect to threat trends. This presentation will summarize categories of recent threats, vulnerabilities and trends associated with them with a demonstration of an actual exploit of a serious vulnerability recently discovered to emphasize the importance of keeping systems secure. The most effective cyber defenders maintain keen awareness of cyber attack capabilities - this presentation will focus on providing valuable and engaging insights into recent attacks and encourage effective cyber defense informed by demonstrating what attackers are capable of doing. 

    Guest Speaker: John Whitmer, Professor of Cybersecurity at DAU

    john (002).png

    John has been working in cybersecurity for 25 years starting out in the private sector building firewalls and intrusion detection systems for financial organizations during the dotcom era in Silicon Valley then moving to the Navy serving as a Network Security Manager for the RDT&E environment and later serving as the Deputy Associate Director for Security at the High Performance Computing Modernization Office in Lorton, VA. Most recently he served as a Technical Warrant Holder for NAVAIR assisting in the development of cybersecurity standards and policies and providing penetration testing training services to NAVAIR Cyber T&E personnel. He has an MS in Information Security, a dozen technical professional certifications including CISSP and OSCP and has been teaching with DAU since Dec 2022.

    If you attended this session, here is the survey link (for  07/27 only): https://eval.dau.edu/jfe/form/SV_ePOtI66PnOCGn2K?EventID=1070
    NOTE: If you request a completion certificate, you still need to report your CLPs manually to your respected agencies

  • Cybersecurity Threat Update July 2023.pptx
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