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Platforms of the Future Book Club: Changing the Rules of Engagement

@ 12:00 PM
  • In our Platforms of the Future event, we spotlighted a new opportunity for engagement - a book club curated by the event speakers! Seven of our past and current speakers (plus the chairman, DAU Vice President Frank Kelley) will be hosting book club meetings and you are invited!

    Please contact Alicia Sanchez ([email protected]) or visit our signup sheet in order to receive an MS Teams invite to these live book club events! Each book is recommended by an event speaker or our chairman and they will host a discussion on the impact each book has made on them personally and how that relates to acquisition and our workforce!

    Please indicate which book/book club meeting you are interested in to receive the appropriate MS Teams invitation!

    This session will be conducted using DAU's Microsoft Teams license (click the "join now" button above). This version of the video conferencing platform meets DoD cybersecurity requirements for unclassified communications. We recommend viewing this session from the internet browser of your choice instead of the desktop application.

    If you cannot join the Microsoft Teams meeting, please try to dial in at: +1(571)403-9146/Meeting ID: 500097231#

    Sept 10 @ 12pm EST Changing the Rules of Engagement by Martha Laguardia-Kotite with Yolanda Clarke

    Signup Sheet

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