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PS Delta Course - Lesson 4: MTA

@ 2:00 pm ET
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    MTA is NOT a four-letter word! Since the FY16 NDAA, Section 804, was released there has been much consternation about the topic of Middle Tier of Acquisition for Rapid Prototyping and Fielding. Fortunately, we have come a long way in the past few years. Be a part of the discussion as we address the guidance and tools available to you along this pathway. Then hear from our panel of practitioners who have walked this pathway and have some lessons-learned to pass along.

    Description of Series:

    Has it been a while since you earned your advanced/level III certification in Product Support? This webinar series focuses on what's changed from the old DoDI 5000.02, Operation of the Defense Acquisition System, to the new DoDI 5000.02, Operations of the Adaptive Acquisition Framework. Additionally, we'll address the new DoDI 5000.91, Product Support Management for the Adaptive Acquisition Framework. Come to one or come to all nine 90-minute lessons. Each lesson will include 15 minutes of silent work followed by a facilitator who will poll and help summarize the key points. Additionally, each session will include a speaker on applying the topic with an open Q&A period for attendees. Each live session will be worth 1.5 CLPs. A final open office hour event will cap the 2023 version of the Product Support Delta Course.

    Targeted Audience:

    Senior Product Support personnel who have previously completed LOG 350 or LOG 3500 and have earned their Level III or Advance Tier DAWIA certification in life cycle logistics.

    CLPs: 1.5


    Jeff Jenkins, Assistant Product Support Manager (APSM) for Combat recovery Systems, U.S. Army

    Jeff Jenkins, Assistant Product Support Manager (APSM) for Combat recovery Systems, U.S. Army Tank-automotive and Armaments Command. Jeff was appointed to APSM in May of 2015, responsible for coordination of logistics support activities for Product Director Combat Recovery Systems (PdD CRS). Responsible for management of logistics plans supporting M88A1, M88A2, and M88A3 Recovery Vehicles.

    Jeff entered Service as a DoD Civilian in 2011 and was appointed as Abrams Modification Work Order coordinator. Responsibility for coordination and direction of logistical activities under the Abrams program. Assisted in coordination, planning, scheduling, and execution of Abrams new equipment Modification Work Orders (MWO's) and Engineering Change Proposals (ECP's) on Abram's series of vehicles. Jeff Completed Life Cycle Logistics Foundational Certification in Oct 2011 and completed Advanced Life Cycle Logistics training in March 2014.

    Dr. Donald E. Schlomer, CIV, USSOCOM

    Dr. Donald E. Schlomer has 20 years of experience in acquisition with the last 7 years as a policy manager for Special Operation Force Acquisition, Technology & Logistics (SOF AT&L) - and Weapons program manager. Contracting Officer Representative for SOF Weapons. Responsible for developing the first SOF AT&L Policy 70-1 aligning with the new Adaptive Acquisition Framework (AAF) pathways. Developed the first SOF AT&L Risk Management & Internal Control plan. Coordinates with Secretary of Defense for Acquisition & Sustainment (OSD A&S) to develop agile, streamlined, and comprehensive acquisition policy and procedures to improve support to all SOF organizations and personnel. Dr. Schlomer, in 2017, was asked to be a member of the initial team to develop the roles and responsibilities of the Army Futures Command. In that role, Dr. Schlomer established the Scope and Priorities for standing up the organization.

    Robert "Bobby" White.  Chief, Acquisition Center of Excellence, Air Force Life Cycle Management Center, Tinker AFB, OK.

    Mr White is responsible for Acquisition Program Management Workforce Development and Management of approximately 170 program managers assigned to Tinker AFB supporting 6 Program Executive Offices.  He leads the Acquisition Center of Excellence (ACE) - Operation Location Tinker providing acquisition advisement, expertise, lessons learned, and training in support of $12B in new Air Force investments and supporting 39 active programs spanning the entire Adaptive Acquisition Framework across all phases of the life cycle. Mr White began his Air Force career as a maintainer and then transitioned to a number of different Air Force program offices as a life cycle logistician.

    A. C. Raines, Chief and Materiel Leader, USAF

    Mr. A. C. Raines is the Chief and Materiel Leader for the T-6 Program Office within the Legacy Training Aircraft Division, Tinker Air Force Base, Oklahoma. The T-6 program office has a $1.5B FYDP portfolio with an additional $978M in Navy funding and a joint staff of 80 personnel. Mr. Raines leads all life-cycle sustainment activities for the three variants of more than 740 United States Air Force, Navy, and Army T-6 aircraft. Mr. Raines enlisted in the United States Navy in 1980 from Shawnee, Oklahoma and earned his commission from the United States Naval Academy in 1986. His assignments as a Supply Corps Officer included the nuclear-powered guided missile cruiser, USS South Carolina (CGN-37), the nuclear-powered fast attack submarine, USS Finback (SSN-670), and an assignment on the Commandant’s staff at the U. S. Naval Academy. 

    Ms. Stephanie Tinnin, T-6 Contracting Officer, Tinker AFB, OK 

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