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PS Delta Course - Lesson 5: MCA and UCA

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    Nothing new to see here?  Well, in this case, that is not entirely true.  While these two pathways preceded the current DoDI 5000.02 Operation of the Adaptive Acquisition Framework, plenty has changed regarding execution and Product Support philosophy.  Join us as we discuss not only those changes, but also the challenges associated with these pathways.

    Description of Series:   

    Has it been a while since you earned your advanced/level III certification in Product Support?  This Webinar Series focuses on what's changed from the old DoDI 5000.02, Operation of the Defense Acquisition System, to the new DoDI 5000.02, Operations of the Adaptive Acquisition Framework.  Additionally, we'll address the new DoDI 5000.91, Product Support Management for the Adaptive Acquisition Framework. Come to one or come to all nine 90-minute lessons.  Each lesson will include 15 minutes of silent work followed by a facilitator who will poll and help summarize the key points.  Additionally, each session will include a speaker on applying the topic with an open Q&A period for attendees.  Each live session will be worth 1.5 CLPs.  A final open office hour event will cap the 2023 version of the Product Support Delta Course.   

    Targeted Audience: 

    Senior Product Support personnel who have previously completed LOG 350 or LOG 3500 and have earned their Level III or Advance Tier DAWIA certification in life cycle logistics. 

    CLPs: 1.5


    Deborah Harrigan, Airmanship, Training, and Unique Missions (ATUM) Branch Acquisition Program Manager, USAF

    Deborah Harrigan is the Airmanship, Training, and Unique Missions (ATUM) Branch Acquisition Program Manager Leader of the Legacy Aircraft Training Division, Tinker Air Force Base, Oklahoma. As ATUM Program Manager Lead, she leads the management and execution for the E-9 aircraft and provides program management oversight for 177 T-1A aircraft. She is responsible to develop, acquire, field, sustain and modernize these aircraft, ensuring cost, schedule, performance, and total life cycle management are met.

    Ms. Harrigan was born in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico. She entered the Air Force civil service in June 2016, through the Palace Acquire (PAQ) training program as an Acquisition Program Manager. She has served in numerous program manager positions supporting KC-135 and Commercial Derivative Aircraft Division (CDAD) program offices - leading the C-37 Source Selection, B-52 Commercial Engine Replacement Program (CERP) as a Program Manager Integrator -leading the Department of Defense Middle Tier of Acquisition Implementation, and the USN - Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division (NAWCAD) Joint Program Office, PMA-273.

    Cameron Burton, Lead Contracting Officer, AFLCMC/WLK-1

    Cameron Burton serves as the Lead Contracting Officer for the E-9A Aircraft and United States Air Force Academy Trainers contracts--a portfolio of approximately $180M.

    Johanna Brand, AFLCMC/WLDW

    Johanna Brand is the Legacy Tanker Division Product Support Manager, Mobility and Training Directorate, Air Force Life Cycle Management Center, Air Force Material Command, Tinker Air Force Base, Oklahoma. In this role, she is the C/KC-135 and KC-10 Chief of Logistics responsible for the total life cycle logistics support of 395 tankers. She provides direction for logistics support, programmed depot maintenance, foreign military sales and avionics/airframe modification for all variations of the C/KC-135. Ms. Brand directs 80 logisticians and maintains oversight of an annual sustainment budget in excess of $900M.

    Matthew Starzenski, AFLCMC/WLDW

    Mr. Starzenski is a Practitioner certified LCL with 10+ years of experience with the USAF. He has held positions as a quality assurance specialist, equipment specialist, program analyst, and production management specialist prior to becoming a logistics management specialist in 2018. He is currently the T-1A Lead Logistics Manager of a $900M O&M contract logistics services supply contract, $100M Sustaining Engineering contract, and ACAT III T-1A AMP program. 

    Antoine Lewis, AFLCMC/WLDW

    Mr. Lewis is a retired MSGT with 23 years experience in logistics and Advanced LCL certified. He held responsibilities throughout his military career in logistics beginning as a technician and retired as a logistics manager for the logistics readiness center at Altus AFB. Upon his retirement from the USAF, Mr. Lewis accepted his current position in 2016 as a senior program manager contractor for the T-1A sustainment and T-1A AMP team. 

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