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            Engineering and Technical Management

            The ETM workforce has a vital role in developing, fielding, and sustaining high-quality, innovative, affordable, supportable, and effective defense systems and ensuring that DoD products are delivered on time, perform as expected, and are cost-effective. The role requires developing and implementing products and services with an integrated technical approach across the total life-cycle. That includes providing the systems, software, and people to satisfy stakeholder needs and expedite transition of technology to the user, as well as early production planning and systematically examining producibility. The ETM workforce has the strategic perspective, technical competence, and critical thinking needed to operate within various product domains and other engineering and technical disciplines.

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            The FY23 certification training requirements are displayed below. Please view the iCatalog for additional certification requirements.

            Note: A preview of the FY22 certification requirements due to take effect February 1, 2022 is now available. Please navigate to the Getting Back-to-Basics resources page, scroll down to the functional area you wish to view, and select the Training Crosswalk link underneath. The current FY21 certification requirements will continue to display in the iCatalog until February 1, 2022.

            The below list displays required courses for the DoD Engineering and Technical Management Professional Certification Program. Education and experience requirements can be found in the DAU iCatalog. Refer to your Service/Component Director of Acquisition Career/Talent Management office for details on certification.

            From the DAU Engineering and Technical Management Center Director

            The new Engineering and Technical Management career field combines defense acquisition workforce members from the legacy Engineering, Production, Quality and Manufacturing, and Science and Technology Management career fields. Some members from the Information Technology career field will also be included. This new career field with over 60,000 professionals is the largest of the new career fields and represents over one third of the defense acquisition workforce. With this wide swath of technical disciplines and defense systems, workforce members should expect a rich set of resources to help them do their jobs.

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