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            Program Management

            Acquisition professionals in the Program Management career field are concerned with all functions of a program management office to accomplish program objectives for the development, production, deployment, and sustainment of systems to meet the user’s operational needs.

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            The FY23 certification training requirements are displayed below. Please view the iCatalog for additional certification requirements.

            Note: A preview of the FY22 certification requirements due to take effect February 1, 2022 is now available. Please navigate to the Getting Back-to-Basics resources page, scroll down to the functional area you wish to view, and select the Training Crosswalk link underneath. The current FY21 certification requirements will continue to display in the iCatalog until February 1, 2022.

            The below list displays required courses for the DoD Program Management Professional Certification Program. Education and experience requirements can be found in the DAU iCatalog. Refer to your Service/Component Director of Acquisition Career/Talent Management office for details on certification.

            Message from the Program Management Center Director

            Welcome to the Program Management Functional Gateway. The Center is responsible for the integration management of acquisition and program management learning assets and learning products for the Program Management functional area and related knowledge areas. I am responsible for maintaining the corresponding topics assigning a learning asset portfolio to responsible Learning Directors (LD). Responsibilities of each LD include the continuous assessment, documentation, and reporting of the currency, quality, and relevancy to their assigned learning assets and products. In this capacity, we communicate with the respective leaders and offices involved in the management of acquisition workforce competencies, as well as formulation of acquisition policy, processes and procedures.

            Program Management Guidebooks

            Over the past several years, the Department of Defense has made important changes to more effectively align with modern business practice and the unique character of DoD’s acquisitions. Consequently, the Defense Acquisition Guidebook (DAG) will be retired and replaced with a set of new guidebooks that are aligned with and complement DoD’s new policies.

            The following two Program Management guidebooks are hosted by DAU:

            • A Guide to Program Management Business Processes, which describes the Department of Defense (DoD) operations to organize, plan and execute an acquisition program. The unifying concept for this guide serves to assist acquisition professionals, at all levels, on the essence of program management and the integrating aspects necessary to deliver and sustain capability for our warfighters.

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