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The defense acquisition system relies on a highly skilled workforce in order to deliver capability to our warfighters. Each workforce member specializes in an aspect of the acquisition system which corresponds to one of seven functional areas. Select a specialty below to learn more about training, certification, and continuous learning opportunities.

Man with headphones moving cargo.
  • Front entrance to capital building with cloudy sky behind it.
    Department of Defense mission support requires over $300 billion per year of contracted support. Securing the needs of the Warfighter is a timely and essential mission with a…
    Courses 1
    Events 0
    Tools 0
    Blogs 0
  • Woman sits at the head of a conference table and leads a discussion.
    The DoD Acquisition Business Functional Area is comprised of two distinct career tracks: Business Financial Management (BUS-FM) and Business Cost Estimating (BUS-CE).  Cost…
    Courses 9
    Events 15
    Tools 12
    Blogs 7
  • Women working on financial documents with a calculator
    The DoD Acquisition Business Functional Area is comprised of two distinct career tracks: Business Financial Management (BUS-FM) and Business Cost Estimating (BUS-CE).  …
    Courses 6
    Events 1
    Tools 4
    Blogs 5
  • Woman in white poke-a-dot shirt with glasses reviews paperwork in a filing room.
    The Contracting workforce is vital to accomplishing the DoD’s mission by negotiating the best deal for the warfighter while demonstrating prudent stewardship of taxpayer dollars.…
    Courses 12
    Events 472
    Tools 102
    Blogs 175
  • Two men wearing safety gear review a wall panel in a utility room.
    The ETM workforce has a vital role in developing, fielding, and sustaining defense systems and ensuring DoD products are delivered on time, perform as expected, and are cost-…
    Courses 19
    Events 74
    Tools 20
    Blogs 18
  • Man in camouflage shirt scans inventory in a stockroom.
    The Life Cycle Logistics functional area spans the system life cycle, encompassing acquisition and sustainment activities, and includes professionals responsible for planning,…
    Courses 14
    Events 90
    Tools 258
    Blogs 3739
  • Man in an office dressed in camouflage leads a discussion surrounded by several similarly dressed people.
    Acquisition professionals in the Program Management career field are concerned with all functions of a program management office to accomplish program objectives for the…
    Courses 19
    Events 23
    Tools 83
    Blogs 52
  • Man in green jacket wearing virtual reality headset tests VR program.
    T&E is a critical part of the DoD acquisition process. T&E professionals develop, optimize, execute and evaluate the testing of system performance, interoperability,…
    Courses 7
    Events 10
    Tools 2
    Blogs 3

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