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  • defense priorities and allocations system

    A regulation administered by the Department of Commerce (DoC) that implements the priorities and allocations authority contained in Title 1 of the Defense Production Act (DPA) of 1950 with respect to industrial resources. The purpose of DPAS is to ensure the timely availability of industrial resources to meet national defense and emergency preparedness requirements. Certain national defense, energy, and homeland security programs are approved for priorities and allocations support. The DoC has delegated authority to DoD to place priority ratings on its contracts in accordance with DPAS. DoD uses two priority ratings: DX and DO. DX rated programs and their orders are of the highest national defense urgency and are approved by the Secretary of Defense or Deputy Secretary of Defense. DO rated orders are lower priority than DX-rated orders but take precedence over unrated orders. DPAS cannot be used to prioritize food, energy, health, water, or civil transportation resources.

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