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  • Design Interface

    One of the 12 Integrated Product Support (IPS) Elements. The integration of the quantitative design characteristics of systems engineering (reliability, maintainability, etc.) with the functional IPS elements. Design Interface reflects the driving relationship of system design parameters to product support resource requirements. These design parameters are expressed in operational terms rather than as inherent values and specifically relate to system requirements. Product support requirements are derived to ensure the system meets its availability goals and design costs and support costs of the system are effectively balanced. Basic items that need to be considered as part of Design Interface include: • Reliability • Availability • Maintainability • Supportability
    • Suitability • Integrated Product Support (IPS) Elements
    • Affordability • Configuration Management • Safety requirements • Environmental and HAZMAT requirements
    • Human Systems Integration • Calibration • Anti-Tamper
    • Habitability • Disposal • Legal requirements

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