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  • DoD component pre-certification authority (160849)

    The Military Department Chief Management Officer (CMO), the Defense Agency Director, or a designee approved by the DoD Deputy CMO (DCMO). Prior to the Materiel Development Decision (MDD) or any subsequent milestone decision, the DoD Component PCA must determine that: 1) The DBS is in compliance with the enterprise architecture. 2) The business process supported by the DBS is or will be as streamlined and efficient as practicable. 3) The need to tailor commercial-off-the-shelf systems to meet or incorporate unique requirements or unique interfaces has been eliminated or reduced to the extent practical. 4) The DBS is necessary to: a) Achieve a critical national security capability, or address a critical requirement in an area such as safety or security, or b) Prevent a significant adverse effect on a project that is needed to achieve an essential capability, taking into consideration the alternative solutions for preventing such adverse effect. The PCA's determination will be documented

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