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  • low rate initial production quantity

    The minimum quantity needed to provide production representative test articles for operational test and evaluation (OT&E) (as determined by DOT&E for MDAPS or special interest programs), to establish an initial production base for the system and provide efficient ramp up to full-rate production, and to maintain continuity in production pending completion of operational testing.. For MDAPs and major systems, the MDA determines the preliminary LRIP quantity (or limited deployment scope for MAIS programs) at the Development RFP Release Decision Point. The final LRIP quantity for an MDAP (with rationale for quantities exceeding 10 percent of total production quantity documented in the Acquisition Strategy) must be included in the first Selected Acquisition Report submitted to Congress after quantity determination. For a system that is not on the Oversight List, the service Operational Test Agency in consultation with the PM, determines the number of test articles required for IOT&E.

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