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  • research, development, test, and evaluation budget activities

    Consists of all efforts funded from an RDT&E appropriation account. Titles and definitions are used for budgeting purposes and managed by the Under Secretary of Defense (Comptroller) (USD(C)). Coincident with the transmittal of the President's Budget (PB), the USD(C) provides the DoD Oversight Committees of Congress a listing of all RDT&E Programs called the “R-1 Form”. There are seven RDT&E Budget Activities (BAs) as shown below: • BA 1: Basic Research • BA 2: Applied Research • BA 3: Advanced Technology Development (ATD) • BA 4: Advanced Component Development and Prototypes (ACD&P) • BA 5: System Development and Demonstration (SDD) • BA 6: RDT&E Management Support • BA 7: Operational Systems Development RDT&E BAs are often confused with the six R&D categories under Major Force Program (MFP) 6 of the Future Year's Defense Program (FYDP). Although all MFP 6 categories are funded with RDT&E appropriations, not all RDT&E spending is included in MFP 6 of the FYDP.

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