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  • equipment reset

    ​Equipment deployed to a theater of operations must be periodically refurbished to meet current theater requirements. Equipment reset is a critical activity that restores a unit to a desired level of combat capability commensurate with its future mission. Equipment reset encompasses maintenance and supply activities that restore, reconstitute, and enhance the combat capability of unit and prepositioned equipment that has been destroyed, damaged, stressed, or worn out beyond economic repair due to operations. Equipment reset repairs or rebuilds the equipment to specified standards. When appropriate, it enhances existing equipment by inserting new technologies, restoring selected equipment to meet current or future operational demands, and/or procuring replacement equipment. Equipment reset is accomplished by both depot-level and field level maintenance activities that perform major repairs, overhauls, and recapitalization (rebuilds or upgrade). Equipment reset is normally initiated with the rotation/return of equipment from an area of responsibility. It may also be performed in theater when practical. Equipment reset of systems common to two or more Services may be performed under inter-Service arrangements when advantageous in terms of cost, logistics footprint, or operational readiness.

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