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Programs that are Major Defense Acquisition Programs. A Major Defense Acquisition Program is a program that is not a highly sensitive classified program and that is designated by the USD(A&S) as a Major Defense Acquisition Program; or that is estimated to require eventual expenditure for research, development, test, and evaluation, including all planned increments, of more than $525 million (FY 2020 constant dollars) or procurement, including all planned increments, of more than $3.065 billion (FY 2020 constant dollars). ACAT I programs have three sub-categories: • ACAT 1B for which the MDA is the SAE. • ACAT ID for which the MDA is the DAE, unless delegated. The “D” refers to the Defense Acquisition Board, which advises the USD(A&S) at major decision points. • ACAT IC for which the MDA is the DoD Component head or, if delegated, the DoD component acquisition executive.