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preliminary design review


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The PDR assesses the maturity of the preliminary design supported by the results of requirements trades, prototyping, and critical technology demonstrations. The PDR will establish the allocated baseline and confirm that the system under review is ready to proceed into detailed design (development of build-to drawings, software code-to documentation, and other fabrication documentation) with acceptable risk. For MDAPs and MAIS programs, a system-level PDR assessment will be conducted and provided to the MDA. For Acquisition Category (ACAT) ID and ACAT IAM programs, DASD(SE) will conduct the PDR assessment to inform the MDA of technical risks and the program's readiness to proceed into detailed design. The Program Manager will make the program information needed for this assessment available and provide for DASD(SE) participation in the program's PDR process. For ACAT IC and ACAT IAC programs, the Component Acquisition Executive (CAE) will conduct the PDR assessment.