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preliminary design review


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Preliminary Design Review (PDR) determines whether the preliminary design and basic system architecture are complete, there is technical confidence the capability need can be satisfied within cost and schedule goals, and risks have been identified and mitigation plans established. It also provides the acquisition community, end user, and other stakeholders an opportunity to understand the trade studies conducted during the preliminary design, and thus confirm design decisions are consistent with the user's performance and schedule needs and applicable requirements documents. Lastly, it establishes the allocated baseline. A system-level PDR is done for MDAPs per 10 USC 2366b and DoDI 5000.88, Section 3.5.a. This assessment informs the MDA of the technical risks and the program's readiness to proceed into detailed design, supporting the Milestone B decision point and certification. USD(R&E) DTE&A conducts PDR assessments on ACAT ID programs, and the CAE is responsible for the conduct of PDR assessments on ACAT IC programs. In support of this, MDAP PMs are required to invite the USD(R&E) DTE&A and the CAE to their PDRs.