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Great Power Soliders


Great Power Competition is the contest between the United States and its adversaries to shape security architectures, as well as norms and practices worldwide, including trade and investment regimes and the development and regulation of new technological infrastructures. These frictions will play out over decades, not only in national capitals and countries, but also in outer space, and cyberspace. This DAU initiative is to raise awareness of the Great Power Competition and to inspire and educate the acquisition workforce members and their organizations to help develop critical knowledge and skills required to compete and win. Great Power Competition is a Leadership Challenge. To learn more about acquisition leadership resources and training, visit the DAU Acquisition Leadership Website.

Our Goal

"Inform, improve, and transform workforce members and organizations with acquisition pertinent resources that provide a competitive, global, military acquisition advantage."

A Call for Speed and Security in Acquisition

Competing to Win Webcasts

Attending these sessions will help you relate the work you do in defense acquisition to the Great Power Competition shaping our national security environment. Learn how to meet the challenge and compete to win! Sessions include curated conversation with thought leaders from across DoD, industry, academia and the acquisition workforce followed by live Q&A.  

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More Resources

View various Great Power Competition Resources to help you develop critical knowledge and skills required to maintain our advantage to compete and win.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to the most common questions about the Great Power Competition Call to Action.

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