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Great Power Competition: FAQ

Great Power Soliders

Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to the most common questions about the Great Power Competition Call to Action.

What is the Great Power Competition?

Great power competition is the contest between the United States and its adversaries to shape security architectures, as well as norms and practices worldwide, including trade and investment regimes and the development and regulation of new technological infrastructures. These frictions will play out over decades, not only in national capitals and countries, but also in outer space, and cyberspace.  

Source: https://www.wilsoncenter.org/issue/great-power-competition

What is the Defense Department’s position on the Great Power Competition?

Integrated deterrence is the cornerstone of US strategy in Great Power Competition.  

“Integrated deterrence means all of us giving our all. It means that working together is an imperative, and not an option. It means that capabilities must be shared across lines as a matter of course, and not as an exception to the rule. And it means that coordination across commands and services needs to be a reflex and not an afterthought. “  

Lloyd Austin, Secretary of Defense  

Source: https://www.defense.gov/News/News-Stories/Article/Article/2592149/defense-secretary-says-integrated-deterrence-is-cornerstone-of-us-defense/

What role does DAU play in the Great Power Competition?

As a leader in acquisition training for the Department of Defense, DAU is well positioned to help identify issues in how the US develops and manages programs and the impact acquisition life cycles have on the ongoing power struggle. Additionally, as a leading corporate university with connections in the Services, the Defense Industry and academia, DAU has a network of resources to call on to think through these large-scale issues and the numerous impacts and solutions that can be applied to prevent an adversary from overtaking the US as a global leader.

What is the goal of DAU's Great Power Competition Initiative?

DAU must encourage and support the Defense acquisition community to continue to improve our technology refresh rate, embrace and expand innovation, secure our innovative efforts (commercial and defense) and do it faster than our competitors.

What can I do to advance this initiative?

We need you to be informed and help inform, educate and inspire the workforce to adopt the principles of this initiative.

  • Watch A Call for Speed and Security in Acquisition, a short video describing the current situation and what we can do to help guarantee American security and prosperity.
  • Read and share China - Understanding the China Challenge Through its Past to better understand the evolution of the challenge China presents.
  • Watch Thinking Differently, a discussion with experts about the importance role the acquisition process plays to shield against the threat of great power competition.
  • Attend the Competing to Win web events, a monthly web series to share ideas on how to succeed in the era of great power competition.
  • Share DAU’s Great Power Competition website with your colleagues as a resource to stay up to date on the issue.
  • Adopt acquisition principles to help guarantee American security and prosperity.