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Great Power Competition: Resources

Great Power Soliders


The Great Power Competition resources below consist of articles, reports, media, and other resources to help you develop critical knowledge and skills required to maintain our advantage to compete and win.


Awareness and Urgency

Top Picks

Article: The Pentagon is Freaking Out About a Potential War With China

By: Michael Hirsh, POLITICO, June 9, 2023

Description: Today the Pentagon suddenly finds itself scrambling to re-weaponize across the board — from submarines to aircraft to surface-to-air missiles — as Washington awakens to the reality of twin strategic threats from China and Russia.

Video: The State of the U.S. Navy

By: CBS 60 Minutes, March 19, 2023

Description: Is the Navy ready? How the U.S. is preparing amid a naval buildup in China.   

Video: A Secretive Chinese Force Is Becoming the U.S. Military's Biggest Challenge

By: The Wall Street Journal, January 22, 2023

Description: A secretive Chinese military unit has tested hundreds of missiles and developed weapons capable of evading U.S. defenses. China’s Rocket Force has built one of the largest missile forces in the world, in preparation for a possible invasion of Taiwan.

Additional Resources

Article: Can China Be Deterred from Attacking Taiwan?

By: Donald Stoker, RealClear Defense, 6/30/2023

Description: A comparison between communist regimes of Korea, Vietnam and China to help us determine whether China be deterred from conflict.

Article: Resisting China's gray zone military pressure on Taiwan

By: Jacob Stokes, Center for a New American Security, 12/7/2023  

Description: China uses gray zone operations as part of a comprehensive strategy to pressure Taiwan that spans the areas of diplomacy, information, economics, and security. This policy brief examines one major component of that campaign: gray zone military and security operations.


Report: Great Power Competition: Implications for Defense - Issues for Congress

By: Ron O'Rourke, Congressional Research Service, 10/3/2023

Description: This report provides a brief overview of some implications for U.S. defense of intensified U.S. competition with the People's Republic of China (PRC or China) and the Russian Federation (Russia), often referred to as great power competition (GPC) or strategic competition.


Article: War Game Results Don't Bode Well for US Military

By: John Johnson, Newser Staff, March 7, 2023

Description: The Wall Street Journal finds that America isn't ready for a new era of conflict with China.   


Report: China's Quest for Global Primacy

By: Timothy R. Heath, Derek Grossman, Asha Clark, RAND, April 1, 2021

Description: China's international strategy aims to establish the country's primacy in the Asia-Pacific region and leadership of the international order. The international strategy presented seeks to achieve this end state through peaceful methods, although it does not rule out the possibilities of militarized crises or even conflicts of a limited scope, such as proxy wars.   


Video: How China developed its first large domestic airliner designed to take on Boeing and Airbus

By: Kris VanCleve, CBS News Investigations, April 10, 2023

Description: Video shows China's strategy to compete with the United States and France by using stolen technology against us.   


Article: Rising to the Challenge of the National Defense Strategy

By: Glenn Lamartin, January 15, 2022

Description: Provides strategies to help acquisition professionals align their work to support the National Defense Strategy and operationalize it on a day-to-day basis.   

Report: U.S.-China Economic and Security Commission Report Executive Summary

By: GAO, November 15, 2022

Description: 2022 Annual Report to Congress by Us=China Economic and Security Review Commission. Topics this year include CCP decision-making and Xi Jinping’s centralization of authority, challenging China’s trade practices, China’s energy plans and practices, U.S. supply chain vulnerabilities and resilience, China’s cyber warfare and espionage capabilities, China’s activities, and influence in South and Central Asia, and a review of Taiwan, Hong Kong, economics, trade, security, political, and foreign affairs developments in 2022.

Report: China Primer: U.S.-China Relations

By: Congressional Research Service (CRS), 3 March 22

Description: Outlines select issues in U.S.-China Relations for legislators.   


Article: Arming the Eagle, Outpacing the Dragon Understanding and Out Competing China’s Defense Acquisition and Innovation System

By: Dan Ward and Matt MacGregor, The Mitre Corporation, June 1, 2022

Description: To address the challenge of a competitor gaining military parity, the Department of Defense (DoD) needs to better understand Chinese strategies and approaches to technology development, innovation, and defense acquisition   


Report: A Guide to Extreme Competition with China

By: RAND Corp, January 1, 2021

Description: Provides key findings and recommendations for thinking about U.S.-China competition that considers the risks and rewards to both sides.   

Report: Book Review of the Hundred-Year Marathon

By: David Riel, Defense Acquisition University, July 11, 2022

Description: “Why would thirty-five Chinese military officers publish a little-noticed book entitled Science of Strategy that advocates a global network of Chinese military bases?”   

Acquisition Process

Top Picks

Article: Back to the Future? Second Sourcing in Defense Acquisitions

BY: Olivia Letts, John G. (Jerry) McGinn, Ph.D., Richard Beutel, George Mason University, July 12, 2023

Description: The paper discusses the impact of second sourcing for sub systems and components in the U.S. Defense acquisition business.  The paper includes an overview of the history of second sourcing, discusses the different types of second sourcing, and  outlines some of the challenges.   Additionally, the article provided recommendations on different strategies for establishing second sources.

Article: Garvin's Eight Dimensions of Quality and DOD Acquisition

By: Stephen A. Fasco, Defense Acquisition Magazine, November 15, 2023

Description: The article reviews Harvard Business School Professor David A. Garvin's Eight Dimensions of Quality and how they can be incorporated into defense acquisition. Each dimension is defined with a discussion of how DOD could incorporate them into their acquisitions, goods, and services.  The eight dimensions serve as a framework to evaluate the effectiveness of acquisitions and should be considered in the definition of requirements and development of acquisition strategies, with a goal to improve quality.

Presentation: DMSMS Considerations and Manufacturing Readiness Levels 

By: Jay Mandelbaum, Christina M. Patterson, Institute for Defense Analyses, March 8, 2022

Description: The presentation examines the issue of diminishing manufacturing sources and material shortages (DMSMS) and their relationship to manufacturing readiness levels. It also discusses how DMSMS issues affect manufacturing risks. The presentation defines MRLs, provides an assessment of how MRLs incorporate DMSMS considerations and concludes with recommendations on DMSMS changes that should be incorporated into the MRL criteria matrix.

Additional Resources

Study: When is it feasible (or desirable) to use the software acquisition pathway?

By: David M. Tate, John W. Bailey, Institute for Defense Analysis, April 1, 2022

Description: The paper reviews some of the challenges that must be considered when using the software acquisition pathway and deciding if the minimum capabilities needed can be developed, evaluated, and deployed in a 12-month period of 1 year or less. It provides conclusions that show the challenges of developing a MVCR in 1 year and provides recommendations on when using the software acquisition pathway as well as strategies to consider.   

Report: A Perspective on Governance for the Era of Digital Engineering

By: By Kenneth J. Laskey, Martha L. Farinacci, Omar C. Diaz, The Mitre Corporation, May 1, 2021

Description: The paper provides information and guidance on the concepts associated with the governance of digital engineering. It discusses the purpose of having a governance and highlights some considerations for data management.


Article: Acquisition Next, A Playbook to Break the Industrial Age Paradigm

By: Jerry McGinn, Ph.D. and Eric Lofgren, George Mason University, Feb 9, 2022

Description: This report provides a "playbook" with 6 plays that can help acquisition professionals experience a change in mindset wart the defense acquisition system. This change in mindset is referred to as Acquisition Next.  It provides the results of research with recommendations that have application to all systems at all program levels, with the last 3 plays focused on software efforts. The intent is to help drive change across the acquisition community.

Report: Middle Tier Defense Acquisitions - Rapid Oversight and Fielding Requires Changes to Oversight and Development Approaches

By: Government Accountability Office, February 2, 2023

Description: GAO provided 26 recommendations aimed for improving MTA oversight and development through policy and process changes.   

Report: Using Metrics to Understand the Performance of the Adaptive Acquisition Framework

By: McKernan, Drezner, Arena, Wong, Shokh, Lewis, Moore, Mele, & Newberry, RAND Corporation, October 24, 2022

Description: The report identifies an initial set of metrics that DoD can use to measure performance and assess whether the pathway is achieving its goals.   

Report: Improving Defense Acquisition – Insights from Three Decades of Rand Research

By: Wong, Jonathan P., Obaid Younossi, Christine Kistler LaCoste, Philip S. Anton, Alan J. Vick, Guy Weichenberg, and Thomas C. Whitmore, RAND Corporation, Santa Monica, CA, June 2022

Description: Report presents insights, trends, and recommendations from 35 years of research by Rand Corporation into challenges faced by DOD in the acquisition of weapon systems.   

Report: Studying Acquisition Strategy Formulation of Incremental Development Approaches

By: COL Robert F. Mortlock, USA (RET), Defense Acquisition Research Journal, July 31, 2020

Description: The report reviews how program managers develop acquisition strategies based on various programmatic inputs like requirements, maturity of key technology, funding, risk, and urgency of need, and the need to consider DOD's guidance to do an acquisition incremental development, with focus on delivering improved capability sooner, and full capability later though incremental development.   

Cyber Security

Top Picks

Strategy: National Cybersecurity Strategy

By: The White Houe, March 1, 2023

Description: Find out how the White House plans to shape our National Strategy on Cybersecurity.   


By: NAVAIR, December 12, 2022

Description: Over the past few years, software supply chain attacks have been on the rise from Cyber Threat actors. It is clear that software development environments are under threat. To meet this threat, the Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division (NAWCAD) has been developing a secure software development environment called Powerful Authentication Regime Applicable to Naval OFP Integrated Development, or PARANOID.

Additional Resources

Article: In wake of email account breaches, CISA points to criticality of logging

By: Justin Doubleday, Federal News Network, July 12, 2023

Description: CISA and Microsoft plan to start using premium logging outside of current contract structure for DoD email accounts to thwart hackers.


Graphic: A roadmap to CUI Compliance

By: Defense Counterintelligence and Security Agency, July 1, 2023

Description: Single graphic displays roadmap to CUI compliance


Strategy: 2023 DOD Cyber Security Strategy Summary

By: No Author:  The Department of Defense, 8/1/2023

Description: This is a summary of the 2023 Cyber Strategy for the Department of Defense


Strategy: DOD 2023-2027 Cyber Workforce Strategy

By: No Author: The Department of Defense, 3/1/2023

Description: Enables the Department to stay ahead of workforce trends by applying standardized workforce analysis tools and processes; continuing to develop cyber personnel; championing the utilization of workforce and building strategic relationships.


Advisory: NSA and CISA Red and Blue Teams Share Top Ten Cybersecurity Misconfigurations

By: No Author: Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, 10/5/2023

Description: The National Security Agency (NSA) and Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) released this joint cybersecurity advisory (CSA) to highlight the most common cybersecurity misconfigurations in large organizations, and detail the tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) actors use to exploit these misconfigurations.


Report: Annual Threat Assessment of the U.S. Intelligence Community

By: Office of the Director of National Intelligence, February 26, 2023

Description: China presents the broadest, most active, and persistent cyber espionage threat to U.S. Government and private sector networks.   

Article: Securing Web3 and Winning the Battle for the Future of the Internet

By: Charles Clancy, PH.D. , Christopher Ford, J.D., PH.D. , Michael Norman, PH.D., Sanith Wijesinghe, PH.D., Mitre Corporation, September 9, 2022

Description: The next generation of the internet, known as Web3, has the potential to revolutionize the role the internet plays in our personal and professional lives. And the reverberations of that transformation will be felt globally, disrupting our social, economic, and national security paradigms.   

Article: Is It Time for the Iron Square?

By: Defense Acquisition Magazine, June 1, 2022

Description: Very short read that argues for program managers to value security as much as cost, schedule, and performance   

Threat Advisory: Russia Cyber Threat Overview and Advisories

By: Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), April 20, 2022

Description: Provides an overview of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency’s (CISA's) publicly available assessment of the Russian government’s malicious cyber activities.   

Alert: CISA Issues Warning on Chinese Cyber Espionage Attacks

By: No published author, Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency, June 8, 2022

Description: These devices are often overlooked by cyber defenders, who "struggle to maintain and keep pace with routine software patching of Internet-facing services and endpoint devices.   

Report: Annual Threat Assessment of the Intelligence Community

By: No published author, Office of the Director for National Intelligence, February 7, 2022

Description: China presents the broadest, most active, and persistent cyber espionage threat to U.S. Government and private sector networks.   

Article: Countering Threats Posed by the Chinese Government Inside the U.S.

By: Christopher Wray, Director of the FBI, Federal Bureau of Investigation, January 31, 2022By: Christopher Wray, Director of the FBI, Federal Bureau of Investigation, January 31, 2022

Description: Beware - China's cyber capabilities are a significant threat to U.S. national security and corporate cyber security. 

Industrial Base Challenges

Top Picks

Strategy, The National Defense Industrial Strategy

By: DoD, November 16, 2023

Description: This strategy outlines the strategic framework and priorities including resilient supply chains, workforce readiness, flexible acquisition and economic deterrence.


Article: The US Army arsenal from 1813 that’s building weapons for Ukraine

By: Jen Judson, Defense News, July 11, 2023

Description: How the war in Ukraine has forced the Army to modernize its aging facilities while also rethinking its strategy for cannon and guns.

Additional Resources

Video: Empty Bins in a Wartime Environment: The Challenge of the U.S. Defense Industrial Base

By: Seth G. Jones, CSIS, January 15, 2023

Description: The United States Industrial Base is not prepared for the challenges posed by the War in Ukraine and probably not for a War with China.

Article: The Pentagon is to blame for industrial base failures

By MG John Ferrari (ret) and Charles Rahr, Defense News, June 5, 2023

Description: This article highlights some of the major problems the United States faces on its Defense Industrial Base and offers some solutions to ease the pain.


Article: DOD Aims to Publish 1st National Defense Industrial Strategy

By: David Vergun, U.S. Department of Defense, 10/20/2023

Description: The DoD will publish its first Industrial Base Strategy by December.


Article:  More ‘Buy America’ provisions threaten our industrial base and national security

 By: Jerry McGuinn, The Hill, 10/27/2023,

Description: This opinion piece from the Hill outlines some considerations in our current strategy.


Video: Go Inside the Plant making artillery rounds for U.S. and Ukrainian Armies

By: Defense News Weekly, February 13, 2023

Description: Want to See how an artillery round is made? Military Times goes inside the plant.   

Report: DSB Final Report on Ensuring Microelectronics Superiority - Executive Summary

By: The Defense Science Board, June 26, 2023

Description: This report outlines the findings and recommendations of the Defense Science Board for the Area of Microelectronics; a critical technology to the National Defense of the United States.   

Article: Reviving the Arsenal of Democracy: Steps for Surging Defense Industrial Capacity

By: Cynthia Cook, CSIS, March 1, 2023

Description: This article outlines steps for surging the United States Defense Industrial Capacity.   

Primer: The National Technology and Industrial Base

By: Congressional Research Service Industrial Base, March 30, 2023

Description: Primer outlines National and Dual Use Research and Technology activities, organizations and history that make up the National Technology and Industrial Base.   

Report: Vital Signs 2023, Posturing the U.S. Defense Industrial Base for Great Power Competition

By: National Defense Industrial Association, February8, 2023

Description: This report offers an annual unclassified assessment of the U.S. defense industrial base (DIB).   

Blog: Technology That Will Change Our World in 2023 and Beyond: Manufacturing Innovation

By: Pravina Raghavan, National Institute of Standards and Technology, January 4, 2023

Description: The director of NIST’s Manufacturing Extension Partnership, looks ahead to the most transformative technology taking hold for the coming year and beyond in the world of manufacturing.   

Article: The 50 Minerals Critical to U.S. Security

By: Bruno Venditti, Visual Capitalist, March 1, 2022

Description: This list of minerals deemed essential to the economic and national security was released Feb 22, 2022.

Innovation and Speed

Top Picks

Article: Article: Defense Innovation Hindered by Cold War-Era Practices, Experts Say

By: Courtney Albon, Defense News, January 16, 2024

Description: Recommendations from a commission on Defense Innovation adoption.


Tracker & Data Visualization: Commission on defense innovation adoption tracker

By: Atlantic Council, January 10, 2024

Description: Tracker allows you to find out additional information on a series of enterprise challenges and recommendations for addressing them on the topic of Defense Innovation adoption.


Article: Now that DoD Picked First Set of Replicator Capabilities, Next Step is ‘Acceleration Pathways’

By: Jaspreet Gil, Breaking Defense, January 10, 2024

Description: Discusses how the DoD plans to mass produce smaller capabilities at scale between February and August of 2025. 

Additional Resources

Article: Immersive Acquisition Program Accelerates Adoption of Commercial Technologies for Warfighter

By: No author, DoD News, 6/14/2023

Description: Provides an overview of DIU's Immersive Commercial Acquisition Program (ICAP) that trains AWF members to use DIU's Other Transactions process to acquire capability.


Report: National Security Innovation Base Program Report Card

By: Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Institute, March 1, 2023

Description: Provides a report card for assessing the National Innovation Base of the United States using ten criteria.   


Report: Atlantic Council Commission of Defense Innovation Adoption Interim Report

By: Eric Lofgren, Whitney M. McNamara, and Peter Modigliani, Atlantic Council, Scowcroft Center for Strategy and Security, April 1, 2023

Description: This report provides 10 recommendations to help the DoD adopt innovative approaches and technologies.


Article: Hicks Underscores U.S. Innovation in Unveiling Strategy to Counter China's Military Buildup

By: Joseph Clark, DoD News, 8/28/2023

Description: New DoD innovation initiative aimed at countering  China's military buildup.


Article: Self-driving labs: AI and robotics accelerating materials innovation 

By: Yang, C., & Tomoshige, H. January 05, 2023. Center for Strategic & International Studies. 


Article: Innovating Improvements to Defense Acquisition

By: Acquisition Innovation Research Center, December 13, 2022

Description: A discussion on how to improve acquisition outcomes.   

Webpage: Innovation Toolkit

By: Mitre Corporation, February 2, 2023

Description: Publicly available, handpicked collection of proven approaches and methods to help your team be more innovative.   

Article: U.S. Manufacturing Ecosystem Key to Economic Growth, Innovation, Competitiveness

By: Devon Bistarkey, Defense News, October 14, 2022

Description: Highlights the economics, workforce and technology advantages that are being realized from the transformation of U.S. Manufacturing that supports the Department of Defense   

Report: State of the Space Industrial Base 2022 -Winning the New Space Race for Sustainability, Prosperity, and the Planet

By: J. Olson, S. Butow, E. Felt, T. Cooley, Defense Innovation Unit, August 29, 2022   

Description: The report, based on a workshop involving industry, experts and Pentagon officials, is in part designed to promote what participants consider to be a “North Star” vision for America as leading human expansion into space beyond Earth.   


Article: Driving Innovation into the Defense Acquisition and Sustainment System

By: Mark Krzysko, Dr. Dennis Mcbride, Dr. Dinish Verma AND Dr. Phillip S. Anton Acquisition Innovation Research Center, April 12, 2022

Description: An introduction into the Acquisition Innovation Research Center (AIRC) and its current research efforts focused on driving innovation into defense acquisition   

 Article: From Idea to Implementation: Measuring the Impact of Innovation Activities in Government

By: Brunelle, Frisk, Mayer, Randall, & Sheikh, MITRE, February 1, 2020

Description: How government-focused innovation organizations advance innovation and evaluate their results.   

Article: An Acquisition Speed Manifesto

By: Defense Acquisition Magazine, Brian Schultz, DAU, May 29, 2022

Description: This paradigm shift articulates a new vision and seven principles to achieve speed in acquisition.   

Play Book: Acquisition Next, A Playbook to Break Industrial Age Paradigm

By: George Mason University, John G. Jerry McGinn and Eric Lofgren, February 9, 2022

Description: Practices that acquisition professionals and their industry counterparts can use now to innovate, iterate, scale, and field effective military capabilities for United States forces.   

Video: "Soldier Centered Design: Using the Digital Environment Early".

By: LTG Thurgood, U.S. Army, Keynote presentation, February 24, 2022

Description: How to use the digital environment to streamline design and modernization of equipment to deliver capability to the warfighter faster   

Article: Ending Innovation Tourism; Rethinking the U.S. Military's Approach to Emerging Technology Adoption

By: Center for Security and Emerging Technology (CSET)

Description: This article suggests how the DOD must change the incentives that drive its acquisition ecosystem to become more innovative and adopt emerging technologies.  

International Acquisition

Top Picks

Paper: Roadmap for U.S.-India Defense Industrial Cooperation 

No author, Media.Defense.gov,  6/5/2023

Description: The U.S. and India have committed to accelerating and deepening the integration of their respective defense industrial bases, particularly in the areas of Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance, Undersea Domain Awareness, Air Combat and Support, Munitions systems, and Mobility.


Additional Resources

Article: US wants to build more arms with Pacific allies 

By: Patrick Tucker, Defense One, 25 October 2023 

Description: LaPlante statements on incorporating international partners in defense production to ensure a steady supply of arms in the event of conflict and to deter China. 


Article: NATO chief tells allies it's time to increase arms stockpiles, stay on war footing

By: John Vandiver, Stars & Stripes, 25 October 2023 

Description: NATO Secretary-General suggests that countries must build and maintain arms stockpiles to deter current and future adversaries.


Article: House advances AUKUS authorizations amid sub, export control debate 

By Bryant Harris, Defense News, 7/26/2023 

Description: The House Foreign Affairs Committee advanced authorization to sell up to two Virginia-class submarines to Australia despite concerns about the industry's ability to meet production requirements.


Article: Coalition Kill Chain for the Pacific: Lessons from Ukraine

By MAJ Dylan Buck and MAJ Steven Stansbury, US Naval Institute, 7/15/2023

Description: Russia's war in Ukraine offers a case study on why and how to build a more robust kill chain that leverages partners' and allies' capabilities. By building a SATCOM and COP architecture with partners and allies, the United States and partners and allies can achieve relative combat power advantage over the PLA.

Report: Breaking the Barriers: Reforming US Export Controls to Realize the Potential of AUKUS

By: William Greenwalt and Tom Corben, United States Studies Centre, May 2023

Description: For AUKUS to fully deliver on its promise of cooperation on defense industrial integration and technology development, significant reforms to US export controls are required to make International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) more discriminatory in their application and more streamlined in their processes.   

Fact Sheet: Marking One Year Since the Release of the Administration’s Indo-Pacific Strategy

By: U.S. Department of State, February 13, 2023

Description: Fact Sheet provides a framework on how U.S. agencies will evaluate proposed Arms Transfers.   

Fact Sheet: The U.S. Conventional Arms Transfer Policy

By: U.S. Department of State, February 23, 2023

Description: Fact Sheet provides a framework on how U.S. agencies will evaluate proposed Arms Transfers. 

Supply Chain Risk Management

Top Picks

Article: As America’s military rearms, it needs minerals- and lots of them 

By: Gregory Wischer, Morgan Bazilian, & Macdonald Amoah, Modern War Institute at West Point, November 29, 2023  

Description: The United States is ramping up production to replenish stocks.  This will take lots of minerals and the mineral supply chains could face overwhelming demand and possibly supply disruption.  This article discusses several steps the United States could take in this effort.


Article: The Race to Resilience--Your Role in Securing Defense Supply Chains in a New Era of Great Power Competition

By: LTC Steven V. Karl, USA (RET), Defense Systems Management College, January 6, 2023

Description: Seven behaviors that Blind us and Seven actions to affect change for Supply Chain Resilience and Risk Management.   

Additional Resources

Article: Hardware Island: Taiwan’s Indispensable Role in the Global Supply Chain 

By: Dr. Eric Schmidt, Special Competitive Studies Project, November 9, 2023  

Description: This article lays out the importance that TSMC and Taiwan plays in the global supply chain as the world’s largest foundry of chips.


Report:  DOD Needs to Fully Implement Foundational Practices to Manage Supply Chain Risks

By: Government Accountability Office, May 30, 2023

Description: This report highlights the status of seven selected foundational information technology (ICT) SCRM practices recommending that DoD commit to timelines for three items that were considered partially implemented.


Article: The Supply Chain Impacts of the Gaza Conflict Depends on the War's Escalation

By: Supply Chain Brain, 10/18/2023,

 Description: This article analyzes how the conflict between Israel and Palestine in 2020 posed a unique challenge to geopolitical alliances and global supply chains. It discusses how the US-China rivalry, Europe’s opposition to annexation, and China’s growing economic ties with Israel created a complex political puzzle for Jerusalem.


Article: JUST IN: Supply Chain Can’t Support DoD’s Hypersonic Goals, Report Finds

By: Josh Luckenbaugh, National Defense, NDIA's Business and Technology Magazine, May 17, 2023

Description: Supply chain challenges to making hypersonics a reality within the Department of Defense.   

Article: Formal Processes for Mitigating Risks of Strategic Materials Shortfalls

By: Eleanor Schwartz, Jim Thompson and Julie Kelly, Institute for Defense Analysis Supply Chain Risk Management, March 01, 2023

Description: IDA supports the efforts of the Defense Logistics Agency to assess and efficiently mitigate the risk of shortages of U.S. strategic materials stockpiles using a framework that has become the gold standard in the defense community for promoting materials resilience.   

Report: Securing Defense-Critical Supply Chains

By: Office of the Secretary of Defense, Feb 28, 2022

Description: An action plan developed in response to President Biden's Executive Order 14017.   

Report: Time for Resilient Critical Material Supply Chain Policies

By: Fabian Villalobos, Jonathan L. Brosmer, Richard Silberglitt, Justin M. Lee, Aimee E. Curtright, RAND

Description: This report is an exploratory analysis summarizing the state of two critical material supply chains and options for the U.S. Department of Defense to prevent or mitigate supply disruptions affecting the defense industrial base and national security.   

Report: Supply Chain Assessment of the Transportation Industrial Base: Freight and Logistics Executive Summary

By: U.S. Department of Transportation, February 1, 2022

Description: The U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) developed this Freight and Logistics Supply Chain Assessment in response to Executive Order 14017: America’s Supply Chains.   

Article: Fake parts: A Pentagon supply chain problem hiding in plain sight

By: Stephen Losey and Joe Gould, Defense News, December 5, 2022

Description: The Defense Department is developing new tests to find counterfeit parts, putting a renewed emphasis on reporting when problematic components are found.   

Report: USDA Agri-Food Supply Chain Assessment: Program and Policy Options for Strengthening Resilience

By: No author, United States Department of Agriculture, February 1, 2022

Description: This report highlighted four supply chain vulnerabilities: Pesticides; Farm Machinery parts, products dependent on low labor costs, and cyber attacks.